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Kiss My Face Moisturizer Review

KissMyFaceHaving very dry and flaky skin, I knew I had to up my moisturizer game for winter. I saw Kiss My Face moisturizer for very dry skin in honey calendula and decided to give this product a shot. I had used this brand before and I liked both their results and that they were cruelty free.

This particular product worked very well for moisturizing. I hate to admit that my skin was flaking before using this product and afterward was soft to the touch. However, after a few days I noticed that it was clogging my pores. My pores were much more noticeable and I had started to break out. I still plan on using this for the driest areas on my face (right around the nose and mouth), but I am going to switch to a different moisturizer for the rest of my face.

Moisturizer is mine, what are your winter beauty must haves?

2 thoughts on “Kiss My Face Moisturizer Review

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