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Tricks for Evenly Winged Liner

Finished Eye

Happy Friday everyone! Winged eyeliner is a fun look for going out, but unfortunately, can be difficult to evenly accomplish. Here I’ve compiled my own method for even eyeliner, along with a few other tricks. Alternate titles I considered for this post: It is Very Hard to Take a Selfie of Just Your Eye and Maybe It’s My Face That’s Crooked.

Picture 8Step 1: Complete your eyeshadow as usual. Easy enough!

Step 2: Smudge an eyeliner pencil along your lower lash line. RealPencil EyelinerWhen you reach the outer corner of your eye, extend the line up and out toward your crease. Your line should be fluid, following the curve of your lower lash line. Close up picture of one eye is shown below right. You want the angle of the eyeliner on both your lash lines to be symmetrical as they will serve as the basis for your wing. If you mess up, pencil eyeliner is easy to adjust and should have minimal interference with your other eye makeup.

Step 3: This step is small but important. Take your liquid eyeliner and wipe the excess off of the applicator. Start at the top outer corner of the line you just drew and draw a straight line to the outer corner of your upper lash line. (Picture below, right). You do not want to Pencil Eyelinertrace over the line you drew with your eyeliner pencil that connected to your lower lash line. That line was to help make sure that both of your wings were at the same angle and height. Fixing wings that are different lengths or widths is a cinch compared to fixing wings that are at slightly different angles.

Step 4: Outline the rest of your wing. Eek, does that look bad in the picture! We’re going to fix that in the next step.

Step 5: Fill in the outline of your wing. Here is where you can make adjustments. If one wing is longer (it shouldn’t be if you did step 2 evenly), adjust the shorter wing to match. Ditto if one wing happens to be thicker than the other. Make sure your wing looks smooth when you go over it and finish with mascara. Voila!

In my experience, it’s not such a big deal to change the width of the wing, but trying to even out wings that are going at different angles is near impossible. Hope you liked this tutorial. Here are some other methods for even eyeliner below:

Other Methods:

1. Draw in the wing with an eyeliner pencil before going over it with liquid eyeliner. This is a popular method because pencil eyeliner is easier to fix than liquid eyeliner.

2. The tape trick. The tape trick gives a great, clean line and a tutorial for it can be found here.

Do you have any tricks for winged eyeliner? Let me know below!

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