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Soft, Romantic Makeup Look

Picture 8Need a last minute Valentine’s Day look in a pinch? Don’t worry, I have you covered with this simple tutorial. Just keep reading.


1. Prime: Use an eye primer all over your upper lid. Tip: if you don’t an eye primer, a light colored concealer also works well. This will help your makeup last longer and stop your eyeshadow from creasing.

2. Sweep a shimmery golden beige shadow all along your lid.

3. Take a warm, shimmery, medium brown color and apply in the outer corners and all along the crease.

4. Then with a fluffy brush, apply a little copper shadow on the lid between the golden beige and medium brown color. This will help the two colors blend.

5. Blend, blend, blend!!

6. Take that same coppery shadow and with an eyeliner brush, smudge all the lower lash line.

7. Take a black eyeliner pencil and sharpen it. You want the point to be extra thin so it looks subtle as you work it into your upper lash line. As an alternative, you could also try tight lining. On me personally, tight lining doesn’t make enough impact to be noticeable, but on other girls it makes a huge difference.

8. Add mascara.


Finish with a pale pink lipstick. The one I used was Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade.

Note: I did not use foundation as my skin has been acting up and I don’t want to upset it more. I also skipped filling in the eyebrows. However, if you feel like these steps are necessary, by all means incorporate them.

What do you think? Are you trying any special looks for Valentine’s Day?

20 thoughts on “Soft, Romantic Makeup Look

  1. V, by any chance ? do U or have U ever did any type of video explaining how ur applying your makeup? I kno I kno lol by now i mus sound like some sort of a pest in asking & writing on your Blog lol but…..? maybe U can also look at me as a young teenager asking a bigger girl or even a older sister advice on all things girly & I promise i wont just ask U all & everything I hav also been on other blogs of other woman asking the same things lol so from time to time I,ll giv U a break from Kelly lol U R such a nice nice young Lady…

    • Ah, sorry, no videos, just this blog. There are a good deal of videos from other ladies on Youtube though, especially for beginners.

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