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Dry AND Acne Prone Skin? Help is Here!

Photo courtesy of tommerton2010

Photo courtesy of tommerton2010

This might start off as a rant. I have dry, acne prone skin and trying to find advice for how to care for it is a real pain! Sales people try to sell me light moisturizers when clearly my skin is flaking and needs something stronger. Looking for advice, I frequently hear that my skin is actually oily and the acne treatment is drying it out. Well, yeah, that’s probably true, but since I’m not going to stop my acne treatment, not very helpful. Anyway, before I get too carried away, here is a list of the best tips I’ve heard for hydrating dry, acne prone skin.

Find a Good Moisturizer: This is the kind of tip that is easier said than done. Light moisturizers may leave skin flaky and heavy cream moisturizers can cause skin to break out more. Look for moisturizers that are oil free. Gel moisturizers are a great option. I recommend Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel if your skin is only slightly dry. There are also moisturizers specially formulated for acne prone skin, but be diligent about reading the ingredients. Some of these contain salicylic acid, which might not be for you if your acne routine is working and your skin is very dry.

And Wait to Moisturize: I said this before in my Say Goodbye to Acne (Tips and Tricks) post, but you should wait 20-30 minutes after applying your acne cream to apply moisturizer. This lets the acne treatment soak in and not get diluted with the moisturizer.

But Get Those Eyes and Lips Done Now: As much as I stress waiting to moisturize, don’t wait to use your eye creams and lip balms as these areas are particularly sensitive, in need of hydration, and not very likely to break out.

Wash Your Face in Lukewarm Water: Piping hot water can dry skin out even more.

Invest in a Humidifier: These lovely creations put moisture back in the air, which is essential in winter months. A humidifier won’t replace a good moisturizer, but it sure can give skin a boost.

Wash Your Pillow Cases Every Week: You might do this anyway, but it is especially important for dry, acne prone skin. Skin sheds off your skin as you sleep on to your pillowcase. It might not be noticeable, but the skin flakes you aren’t noticing could be hanging out on your pillow ready to clog your pores, if you don’t switch your pillowcases regularly.

And that’s it for my tips? Anything I missed? Any tricks you do that could help? I’d love to hear. Sound off below.


32 thoughts on “Dry AND Acne Prone Skin? Help is Here!

  1. Look for products with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is known as a “water loving” molecule so when applied to your skin it holds onto water and helps quench your thirsty dry skin. Ever since I started using moisturizers/serums with this ingredient I’ve noticed a huge change in my skin. Right now I’m loving the CeraVe moisturizer. It’s super basic but it contains hyaluronic acid and niacinimide.

  2. Yes! Great tips! I just moved from Mississippi to Chicago and my skin has dried out! I use the Clinique 3 step line but my skin was still dry. I tried coconut oil (and recently bought Josie Mayans argan oil) which helped a ton But I’ll have to give these a try

  3. Most definitely exfoliate once or twice a week before bed and use a little extra of your moisturizer. I suffer from dry skin as well as acne and what was happening was the dry skin flakes weren’t getting sloughed off regularly and so bacteria was getting up under the flakes as well as my own sebum causing breakouts. Then I would use an acne medicine which would dry out the blemishes, but also make my flaking worse which would make my acne then worse. Can you say VISCIOUS CYCLE!!! Try using a glycolic peel like another person mentioned, a microdermabrasion scrub or even a nubby washcloth to exfoliate those flakes off and then put a nice coat of coconut oil on and go to bed. Coconut oil has fabulous hydrating properties but is also anti-bacterial so it will not make you break out. Try that a few times a week and I promise you you’ll see a difference. Everyone (with our condition) that I’ve told this too loves it. Best of luck!

  4. Hi ! Very interesting indeed ! I do struggle with a very dry skin a a bit of acne. Exfoliating tends to cause more outbreaks. Hyaluronic acid works well, and I also spray my face multiple times a day with thermal water or hydrosol. Making my own face cream has helped a lot to get the right amount of nutrition to the skin without clogging the pores, but it’s a long process to find the right formula. Looking forward to read more from you !

  5. Great post, lots of good ideas. I know exactly how you feel. But I used to have really bad acne prone skin and did all the acne treatments, and had the same problems. So I decided to try something completely different and went to the new Olay Fresh line (It was just on a whim purchase), it just cleans your face without any acne treatment… And bam! My skin began to clear up and I have less break outs then ever before. I stopped using face washes with any abrasive particles and just do my own DIY scrub once a week, and what a huge difference. I’m not saying to switch products, but maybe consider the acne treatment may be causing more breakouts. I wish you luck, and love your posts.

    • Thank you! I actually did that a few years ago, thinking since I had been using acne treatment since my teens, my skin might not need it anymore. I tried just normal cleanser followed by moisturizer. Boy was I wrong. I gave it a full six months and my acne was as severe as it had ever been. Then it was back to the acne treatments.

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