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1960s Cat-Eye Makeup Tutorial

Brigitte Bardot picture (left): Tumblr. Right: me. All rights reserved.

Brigitte Bardot picture (left): Tumblr. Right: me. All rights reserved.

Because I can’t get over my fascination with Brigitte Bardot.

I saw the picture of French actress Brigitte Bardot (above left) in a magazine article about timeless beauty looks when I was 9. I had an instant fascination with her and her cat eyes and her nude lips. Seriously, I tore the picture out and hung it up on my wall and still have it laying around somewhere. I realize the makeup doesn’t really make me look anything like her, but heck, it’s still a good look.

How-to:ย Apply a fleshy toned eye shadow to your lid to help hold the liner. Then smudge some brown pencil eyeliner on your lower lash line and create a wing with liquid liner on the upper lash line (tutorial for evenly winged eyeliner here). For cat eyes, you want your line to be thicker and not too long. Finish eyes with a healthy dose of mascara. For lips, apply a nude lipstick. Optional: top with peach gloss.

Products Used

  • Elf liquid eyeliner in black
  • Wet n Wild brow and eyeliner in mink brown
  • Rimmel the Max Volume Flash mascara in blackest black
  • Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in nude attitude
  • Clinique Glosswear lipgloss

So what do think? Personally this looks is one of my favorites. It’s simple makeup with a strong effect. Will you be trying this look out?

24 thoughts on “1960s Cat-Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. Love bregitte bardot! So pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

    Don’t forget to check out my blog..
    and feel free to follow โ™ก


  2. Nicely done! I can’t seem to make mine appear equal. One side is always toooo thick and trying to remedy it ends up with me sorta wearing eyeshadows lol.

  3. hmm? Hey V,, I jus so happen to come across this post here on cat-eye makeup…this i will def, have to make a bookmark on my computer…i def don’t want to lose this treasure U jus made me S00000 HAPPY YIPPY,,,lol sorry that was my femSide coming out of me…w0w i hav to keep looking on your Blog there’s so much that i can learn,, K, p.s. U look *Great too !!!!

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