Pin This! The Beauty Lies of Pinterest

We’re all about the happy happy on this blog, so I rarely feel the need to point out things you “shouldn’t” do. But there is really just some incredibly terrible advice floating around on the internet that is not going to get you your intended outcome. Observe.


False Hope

The Pin: “To get straight hair with no heat, mix two tablespoons of BROWN SUGAR into a cup of water, spray on hair and let dry.”

Verdict: Who could possibly be so evil? It takes a true sadist to come up with something so absolutely cruel. At first I thought no one would fall for this, but it seems like I see it on everyone’s hair-related Pinterest board. There is no way this will make your hair straight, especially not like in this picture. Most likely, you end up with a sticky, tangled mess.



571434ab976b36c403163e68c4d87acfThe Pin: “Make your own self-tanner. Mix lotion and pure cocoa together for a natural looking tan than is not orange at all. No harsh chemicals and smells yummy!!!”

The Verdict: No way that this is anything less than streaky going on. Also, most self-tanners temporarily stain your skin a darker color. Will this one do that or just wash right off in the shower? I’m betting wash off. Besides that, I just don’t get it. There’s precisely 1000000000000000 brands that sell cheap self-tanner. How much of a money saver could this be, especially if like me you don’t regularly keep pure cocoa in the house?


36a8a7ee8359e41e9d34e25ad4ff7e2cThe Pin: “DIY bronzer: mix cornstarch, cinnamon, cocoa, and nutmeg until desired shade. Natural and great for your skin.”

The Verdict: This one isn’t so bad, so much as this is another one I just don’t get. Maybe I’m just not culinarily inclined, but I really don’t have enough of this stuff laying around to spare. I also have a slight inclination to believe that cinnamon would be irritating.


So what do you think? Have you tried any of these pins? Would you try any of these pins? Are you going to pin this?


Disclaimer: All pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

Big thanks to Buzzfeed and The Pintester whose valiant efforts to test the validity of pins inspired this post.



57 thoughts on “Pin This! The Beauty Lies of Pinterest

  1. So true! I hate seeing all these “beauty tips” and “DIY” stuff and it’s like uh… do you really know how bad that is or how it’s never gonna work? And i’m like you, I’m not culinary inclined nor do I keep most of the ingredients around my house so it’s a waste to buy them. I would rather buy something already made haha. And most are using olive oil now, which isn’t that cheap!

    • You are so right. I like arts and crafts, but when you don’t already have the ingredients, it is cheaper and easier just to buy stuff.

  2. I’ve seen one on how to wash makeup brushes. It advises you to dip the brush on a cup of soapy water. That would loosen the glue and ruin the brushes!

    • Thanks! If you see any more that look like scams, send them my way. I know I’ve seen more, but I was struggling to think of where.

  3. These are ridiculous, I’ve seen a lot of posts and even talk show segments about home made all-natural makeup … I just don’t believe that bronzer would have any staying power unless you applied it on wet foundation

  4. Ha that cocoa self tanner reminds me of those tales people tell of women ‘dyeing’ their legs with gravy and drawing ‘stocking seams’ on with eyeliner in the war!

  5. There are certain DIY beauty tricks I love but these are totally unrealistic. I think you have a better chance of attracting ants/mosquitoes into your hair with the brown sugar and water spray than you do achieving your hair straight. The last two I have seen in magazines and I just don’t see how it will work. The science behind making self tanners and bronzers is more complex than that. To me, these are in the same category as DIY sunscreen- bad idea.

  6. hahaha I liked this a lot! The stuff people put out as advice… Also I’ve had a bridal shower that included a mask with cinnamon and I got a huge allergic reaction from it 😀 Would def not recommend rubbing it on anyones face!

    • Seriously! I think some of them might be well meaning, but I firmly believe that people shouldn’t write any how-to pins without trying it out themselves first.

  7. I do have all those spices in my home (they’re pretty cheap really) so I could try the bronzer.. but I’m not entirely sure about putting that stuff on my face… Besides, I’ve never used bronzer anyways!

  8. I don’t have the hair texture or skin tone to ever even briefly entertain the thought of doing any of these DIYs but just reading through them is hilarious because they don’t even sound remotely plausible.

  9. These are hilariously awful! And the cinnamon? I can imagine that would be SERIOUSLY irritating for some people. Can confirm that cinnamon oil (in a BPAL perfume) set off my allergies like whoa and I had a really awful rash thanks to the stuff. I love eating it, but on skin? No thanks.

  10. When I first got Pinterest, I tried a homemade face mask that claimed to help blackheads. HUGE MISTAKE. It dried into a very hard mask that was painful I peel off. It literally ripped every single facial hair off including half my eyebrows (it dripped into them) and caused major irritation and ended up breaking my skin out. So I’ve learn to be very careful of those “useful tips” I see…


  11. Reblogged this on The Beautifier and commented:
    seven hells! :p I’m not an active user of Pinterest, but I really like Pinterest people for their creativity. Here, V shows how creativity is being taken into beyond-expectation level, yet doesn’t sound too convincing for me 🙂

  12. Horrible. Just horrible. Just want to share what happened to me before… I went to a dermatologist to finally fix my acne (I was around 22 yrs old that time). So what he suggested was that.. I need to scrub and exfoliate my face! So that time, since “Doctor knows best” I followed his subscription. I did exfoliate as per his suggestion and my acne got worse. I never came back to him ever.

  13. WOW. It is worrying that people might actually attempt some of these. Not sure why you would think it was a good idea to put sugar in your hair though!! I agree with you on the tanning and bronzers. So much trouble for no result and there are plenty of well priced products on the market whatever your budget! Great post 🙂

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  15. Those are really bad, although in the past people would mix water with sugar , apply it on wet hair to style it as they didn’t had money for gel. Of course you would have to wash it out next day. Another styling product I know about is beer which you can spray it on your hair before putting the rollers and will help curling your hair faster. These are the ones I know from older people from those times when they wouldn’t afford to buy styling products.

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