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Jamberry Manicure Review

Jamberry ManicureHappy Hump day! If you are anything like me, nail art is both enticing and at the same time, far too much work. Luckily, Stefanie from Jamberry sent me a sample of Jamberry nail wraps to try.

What It Is: Jamberry nail wraps are a sticker like design that are bonded to the nail with heat.

Sample Sheet

Sample Sheet

Application and Wear: Application was fairly simple. The only problem arose when I tried to trim the nail wrap with my nondominant hand. By day 3, the wear on these is still good. The nail wraps are peeling or ripping, but look the same way as when I first applied them. This is far easier than painting on nail art.

Variety: Based on the catalogue Stefanie sent me, Jamberry nail wraps are available in what seems like hundreds of designs. I’m wearing Lace Noir.

How I Wore It: Since my sample sheet was too small for a full manicure, I had to get creative. I applied Wet N Wild’s Sugarcoat and then applied the Jamberry decal over both ring fingers.

Price: One sheet of Jamberry nail wraps is $15.00 and includes 18 wraps.

Wear To Buy: or

So what do you think? Will you use this as a replacement to traditional nail art? Have you tried something similar? Sound off in the comments below.

40 thoughts on “Jamberry Manicure Review

  1. Say Hello to Gorgeous, what an informative post! Jamberry is so much fun and can’t forget CUTE :). Thank you for your “likes” and continued support at! Come visit again soon!

    Stay beautiful! ❤


  2. Also, for any peeling or lifting issues, you can usually apply a little more heat and reseal it. That can happen from time to time if you get too close to skin or cuticles or from any oils that may be on your nails. There are tons of awesome tips and trick you can try for any type of nail.

  3. Looks so cute. I would totally use such a product as a replacement for nail art because I’m so awful with nail art! I need to try this kind of thing again. I tried something similar a while back and think it would have been nice had I not applied it so terribly!

    • Thanks and I know what you mean about application. I think these are super easy if you don’t disregard the directions, which I have a tendency to do.

  4. Thank you for sharing! I could use something like this since I have tiny nails (mostly because I bite them), and nail art is NOT my area of expertise.

  5. I just tried these last weekend and am still wearing sapphire sparkle! Love them! My 3 year old is still wearing hers and we’re on day 5. The Jamberry jrs are so stinkin cute!

  6. Love it …. They look so cute. I’m a total manicure queen… Can’t wait to go get my monthly hit done 🙂 xxx

  7. My friend tried this with music notes. They were cute but I would still rather do most of the designs myself. Only because I love to paint them myself. I wouldn’t be against getting the Jamberry nails for the designs I can’t do on my own but I have too much fun painting my nails to try them so far. =-)

  8. I’m so glad you posted a review for them! I’ve been wanting to try them out. Your nails look great!

  9. Thank you for writing this review! I’ve always wanted to give these a try. I love having painted nails but with an infant it’s been challenging to say the least! I think I’ll give these a try!


    • Definitely, the only downside is that I think they take longer to apply, because you need to be careful not to wrinkle the sticker

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