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Wet n Wild Coloricon Distortion Review

Wet N Wild DistortionTGIF. Ever think to yourself, where can I get a bright blue glitter eyeshadow? Me neither. But when I saw this sitting lonesome on the shelf of my grocery store, it was too pretty to resist. So let’s review Wet n Wild Coloricon Glitter Single in Distortion

Color: This eyeshadow is a bright medium blue packed with sparkles. Actually, only the sparkles themselves are blue. The base is a clear cream. The density of the sparkles on your eyelid will depend mostly on how oily your skin is. Compare the swatches on my arm vs the swatches on my fingertips. When I used my finger to wipe the glitter off my arm, the glitter that transfered to my fingers was far denser.

Texture: Glitter makeup has come a long way. This isn’t gritty at all. The cream base isn’t overly oily or drying. Unlike the glitter makeup from the 90s, I don’t find this to be irritating at all.

Wear: I’ll be honest and say that I did not attempt to see how long this would last. I can’t imagine a lot of people try to stretch out glitter eyeshadow into a full day’s wear anyway.

Price: Not breaking the bank at $0.99.

Cruelty-Free: Big, fat YES.

So what do you think? Will that tempting price tag convince you to pick this up? Or is glitter eyeshadow not your thing? Tell me in the comments below!

Wet N Wild Glitter SingleWet N Wild Glitter



50 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Coloricon Distortion Review

  1. I was thinking those would be great for some sort of holiday/festival… Mardi Gras? 4th of July look? I’m sure it could be a great 7/4 bbq look depending on the crowd 🙂 That said, it’s definitely not an everyday thing, unless you’re 10. Haha. Or have kids in dance/cheer!

  2. You are a makeup expert so I figured you know this best .. What’s the best make up primer you recommend for dry – normal skin with no skin
    Problems except maybe uneven skin tone ( not really but I have seen some people have flawlessly perfect skin).,, thanks 🙂

    • Well shoot, you have me stumped. I only use primer on my eyes, not for my face so I really don’t know. For eyes, I’ve used Mac paint pot in Painterly or even normal foundation. As for the rest of the face, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Smashbox, but I can’t tell you how good they are from my own experience… sorry!

  3. Guess it would look cool if you apply it verly lightly on the outer edge ofyour upper eyelid, or pack it very densily as eyeliner! I love this 😀

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