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Beauty Queen Nails

Beauty Queen NailsGood morning. I was digging through some old pictures looking for inspiration for today’s blog post and came across this. I was all about easy nail art back in the day (i.e.-a year and a half ago). The tutorial for this look is fairly simple:

  1. Paint nails with as many coats of white as necessary to get that opaque look
  2. Go over the upper half with a sparkle nail polish
  3. Then go over just the very tips with the same sparkle nail polish so that the sparkles are denser at the tips.

Hope you like this! What do you think? Is this a look you would rock? What are your easy nail art ideas?

8 thoughts on “Beauty Queen Nails

  1. That’s cute way to spice up a white polish πŸ™‚ I normally don’t like all white nails lol reminds me of those white outs that I used to play with when I was little

    • Thanks. I know what you mean about the white out, especially now that my white nail polish is getting into the goopy stage.

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