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Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream Review

Finding the right foundation and concealer can be a hassle. Not to mention, with summer coming up, sunscreen and foundation seem to be at war. BB Creams streamline this process by acting as moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, skin treatment, concealer, and foundation. The catch? You really have to find the right one. Let’s see how Revlon’s PhotoReady BB Cream with SPF 30 holds up.

Revlon PhotoReady BB CreamColor: The color range on this line is fairly limited. I only see three shades available on their website and these shades are neutral, so cool or warm toned girls might be turned off. However, it is sheer enough that a slightly off shade won’t leave you looking sick. Which brings us to…

Coverage: The coverage with this is sheer to medium. I find that this is much better at hiding red tones, but not so great at covering texture issues like pock marks or pimples. I don’t usually mind lighter coverage except…

Texture: For the sheerness of the coverage I got, I expected this to be a lot lighter. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t super gunky or heavy. It has the texture I find typical of BB creams in that it sits a tad heavy on the skin. If you don’t usually mind the texture of BB creams, you probably won’t mind this.

Finish: The finish is perfectly just matte enough to photograph beautifully. I did notice that it made the areas of my skin that were flaky even more noticeably flaky, but that can be remedied by putting a little extra moisturizer on underneath.

Price: $10.00

Cruelty-Free: No, Revlon tests on animals. The only reason I even have this is because my mom gifted it to me after it irritated her sensitive skin.

So what do you think? Do you like BB Creams? Will you try this product?

30 thoughts on “Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream Review

  1. The only BB Cream I use is the L’oreal magic something something that’s been out for a good long while. Generally I only use BB Creams on lazy days or if I’m using a powder foundation and I need a little bit of a base. Glad for the Revlon review though! I was looking at this the other day wondering if I should give it a go. Doesn’t sound like anything too spectacular.

    • Depends what kind of coverage you come across. If you want a lighter coverage, Revlon is fine. If you are able to get Pond’s out there, they have a good full coverage BB cream

      • Ok great..well we get ponds in India so I know what to ask for when someone’s coming next time..bugger my hubby just came from a little indian trip, wish I had known before..lol

  2. I didn’t like this BB cream. I didn’t find it was matte at all. I had to set it with a powder so that I wasn’t super shiny. Agree that it felt heavy though. Definitely not one I would repurchase

  3. I am not too keen on the whole BB cream trend. I recently rediscovered my L’Oréal BB cream which I hated at first, but now I really like it. It has a light coverage and feels weightless on the skin. Can’t recommend it enough!!

  4. I got my hands on this BB cream for like.. USD 7? It’s pretty cheap here in Indonesia, compared to those Korean/Japanese BB creams that roam the counters these days. I use Photoready BB cream only for photo shoots, most days I only use tinted moisturizer or Maybelline’s BB cream (the clear-smooth of some sorts, I don’t really remember the name) because the texture is lighter for my skin..

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