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Arvazallia Argan Oil Hair Treatment and Mask Review

As far as hair trends go, argan oil is hot. It makes hair softer and silkier and goodness knows my fried ends need that. That’s why I was excited to receive Arvazallia Premium Argan Oil Hair Treatment and Hydrating Argan Oil Mask. So what did I think of these two products? Keep reading to find out.

Arvazallia Products

What It Claims

  • Hair Treatment: Makes frizzy, dull hair soft, shiny and silky. Nourishes and strengthens brittle hair, moisturizes scalp and protects from UV rays. It can also act as a heat protectant
  • Mask: Deep conditions, moisturizes and repairs hair. Protects hair from damage from heat styling.


  • Hair Treatment: Application is super easy. I simply combed 1-2 pumps of the oil into my damp hair
  • Mask: Also super easy application. Apply in place of your conditioner and let sit for roughly 5 minutes.
Arvazallia Straight

On straightened hair


  • Arvazallia Curly

    Air dried wavy/curls after using the mask

    On Naturally Dried Curly Hair: I am in love with the results of these two products. I’ve used the mask both on its own and in combination with the hair treatment and both times it has left my hair incredibly soft and manageable. Usually when I wear my hair curly it tends to knot fairly easily, but after using the mask, my curly hair was tangle-free

  • On Straightened Hair: These products work great in tandem for straightening hair as well. After deep hydrating with the mask and using the hair treatment as a heat protectant, my hair is soft and shiny. It has straight for the salon style texture.


  • Hair Treatment: Normally $45.00, but currently on sale for $17.99
  • Mask: Normally $40.00, but currently on sale for $15.99

Where to Buy

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