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OCC Lip Tar in Hush Review

After months of obsessing, I finally decided to treat myself to an OCC lip tar. Lip tars are essentially long lasting liquid lipsticks that are easy to combine to create custom colors. So what did I think of my first OCC purchase? Keep reading to find out.

OCC Hush

Color: OCC describes Hush as an antique bridal pink. I would have to concur. I noticed that color shifted depending on the light. As you can see in sunlight (pictured), it skews a bit more nude, whereas indoor lighting will produce a light to mid-tone natural pink. Some reviews online said that this shade was neon, but this was definitely not the case for me, which makes me think this particular shade has some interesting effects depending on skin tone and heaviness of application. Based on this, I would choose to test it out before buying. I found this color to be opaque.

Texture: Lip tar can feel rather thick at first. This is because the tiniest little half a squirt is meant to be spread out over a large area. Although not particularly creamy, I did not find this overly drying at first. After about seven hours of wear though, my lips felt extremely dry.

Application: Application can be a little tricky. In the store, I swatched a little on the back of my hand, applying what would be a normal amount of lip gloss. That much lip tar could have covered my whole hand in opaque color. You’ll want to use the tiniest fraction of a squeeze. Honestly. I also recommend, not squeezing it directly onto your lip brush like the directions say, because lip tar can separate in the tube and you might end up with the base and no pigmentation. I would squeeze a bit onto the back of your hand to make sure it hasn’t separated, then dip the brush in this.

Wear: Incredibly long lasting. This made it through dinner and dessert and didn’t sink into my lip lines or feather. After about seven hours of wear, I noticed that it had faded some and would have been due for reapplication.

Price: $18.00/tube. It sounds steep, but with the little product you have to use and the infrequency of application, this will last forever. Also, you get your own mini lip brush with purchase.

Cruelty-Free: YES and vegan!

Additional Notes: For best results, apply as little as possible and clean your brush after every use to avoid making a mess. This is also a great company to go to if you want nontraditional lip colors as they also have a selection of blues, purples, yellows, etc. If you have any questions, check out OCC’s website. They have a FAQ about lip tar which I found incredibly helpful.

So lovely readers, have you tried this product? Will you try this product? What’s your favorite lipstick?

36 thoughts on “OCC Lip Tar in Hush Review

  1. Great review! I’ve been dying to try lip tars but they are a little expensive, especially since I would end up buying more than one for mixing purposes but I will buy them eventually!

    • Thanks! The price kept me away too, but knowing how little product you need, I think it’s worth the price. What shades are you thinking of getting?

  2. Lovely post. This looks like the perfect nude pink colour. I will have to try get hold of it in the UK xx

    • Thank you! And I’m the same way. Despite the fact that nudes and light pinks dominate my lipstick collection, I’m always picking up more.

      • same here… and if there’s a lipstick I don’t own and it is in a shade of nude ( which I probably own a lipstick like that anyway! *rolling eyes* ), I immediately go like “oh! I need that!” OCC has some amazing colours btw…

    • I really like it. I would just try the color before buying it since I saw more than one review which claimed it to be a lot more neon than it looks on me 🙂

  3. This shade looks perfect on you! I’ve been curious about OCC Lip Tars for the longest time… I may have to investigate further. Great review. 🙂

  4. I’ve been wanting to try the OCC lip Tars for forever! Just never been able to pull the trigger tho.

  5. Do you have a recommendation for a lip scrub? My lips are always crinkly and lipsticks just don’t look good on cracked lips so I’m trying to find something to fix it.

  6. It looks SO GOOD. ❤ I've considered getting Hush before but I concluded it looked best on people with warmer skintones; it'd just wash me out. And yes, you'll be surprised how much the colour can change depending on your application. You could also try using Hush as a blush colour too. =) Just to max out its usage.

    • You might want to try it anyway. I have a cooler skin tone (literally any foundation labeled “neutral” turns my whole face yellow) and I like it. Thanks for the tip about blush too. It is a really lovely color blended out.

    • Thank you! No idea. The only store I could find them in here was Sephora. But maybe OCC’s website ships internationally?

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    • Umm, at first not that bad, but if you are already applying lip balms several times a day, this might not be for you. I noticed uncomfortable dryness after maybe 7 hours.

    • 😦 You could try putting the lip balm on top of it. It didn’t transfer much when I did that. I also think this is close in color to YSL Nude Beige, which isn’t drying at all, if you want to check that out

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