I Love When You Share

Can I start out by saying that I really love when you guys share my posts, either through reblogging or social media, like Twitter? WordPress protects the privacy of your personal accounts, so I have no idea who shares on Pinterest, etc., so I can’t thank you all individually. Just know I appreciate it.


Speaking of sharing, I don’t usually do clothing posts, but I thought I’d share with you some of my thrift store finds. Thrift stores get a bad rap, such that most people try to rebrandย them “vintage.” Let’s be real for a second. Vintage means the item is from another era. 1950s is vintage, 2012 is second-handย and I’m not ashamed to call it that because some of these finds are just awesome. Everything pictured was less than $10.00!

Okay, okay, enough bragging. I want to share some tips for shopping for used clothing:

  1. Target specialty stores. Goodwill is great. I would never knock it, but sometimes it’s easier to look in second hand stores that specialize in a certain style of clothes. Buffalo Exchange and Platos Closet are chain second hand stores that specialize in clothing for teen and twenty-somethings.
  2. Hit up a local college’s end of the semester rummage sale. This is seriously the best kept secret. Any college with dorms is going to have students that leave stuff behind—a lot of stuff. Sometimes the colleges get rid of this stuff by selling it for cheap. One of those dresses up there? I won’t say what college it came from, but it cost me $0.25!ย That’s right. Less than $1.00. And I get compliments all the time.
  3. Be prepared to dig. Okay, even if you find a specialty store for you style and age group, you are still going to have to dig. Why? Well compare it to a normal store. A regular clothing store has the same amount of clothes, but many of these items are duplicates in different sizes, you know? So more than one person can buy that type of shirt? No such luck at second hand shops: all different styles, all different sizes.
  4. If it doesn’t fit, walk away. This is the hardest lesson. If you find something you love at a thrift store and it doesn’t fit, it isn’t meant to be. Honestly, nothing looks good if it doesn’t fit right. That’s the hard truth of second hand shopping

Happy hunting ladies! Do you thrift shop? What are your tips? Don’t forget to comment and share!

26 thoughts on “I Love When You Share

  1. I definitely enjoy thrift stores. While it can be hit or miss, when it’s a hit, you can’t beat it. Plus it’s so guilt free!Inexpensive and you are re using items. I feel like I could get ten cute things for the same price of a person buying one overpriced fancy brand name item ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I literally love vintage and thrift store shopping. I think its looking around and spotting real gems. Also I hate seeing other people with the same clothes as me which means its totally perfect!

    • I didn’t know it was called something different in the UK! I think sometimes it gets a bad rap, based off the name, but really I think its a great way to find some unique steals ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Most of my clothing purchases of late have come from Goodwill. It’s cheaper, and it’s easy to find almost brand new stuff there for at least half the price of retail. Yeah, some things have a markup of ridiculous amounts, but their clothing is almost always fairly priced. Plus, there’s always a larger variety than at retail, since regular stores have to stay “in season”…and I’m never a fan of any of it!
    The hardest part is finding things that fit. You can’t know your size like you can with a regular store and their brands, but with a little extra effort, the money you can save is fantastic!

  4. I love thrift shopping. My favourite is Salvation Army thrift stores if you’ve heard of them. A lot of their thrift stores are located in the wealthier part of town, so you always end up seeing fabulous pieces that would normally cost you a lot since wealthy people always donate their clothes to those locations. Once a month they have 50% off everything, I bought a super cute lace red top for $1.50 the other day!

    • Yes, I’ve been to Salvation Army. There are definitely great finds there. In the ones I’ve been in though, you have to be willing to dig!

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