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Rest, Relax, Renew, Repeat

Photo courtesy of D. Sharon Pruitt

No need to beat around the bush: Mondays suck. That’s why when Sunday night rolls around, I take the time to pamper myself before the long work week. Here’s my routine.

  1. After dinner, I settle into the couch and paint my nails. I only do my nails once a week so by this time, they are looking a bit chipped and gross.
  2. While I wait for my nails to dry, I peruse my favorite beauty blogs and Youtube gurus. Even though the office environment can be a bit limiting style-wise, there’s plenty of room for creativity even in an office appropriate look. Planning out which look I’ll choose for the next day, makes Monday seem not so terrible.
  3. After my nails finish drying, I slather on a face mask, like Lush’s Cupcake or Yes to Tomatoes. Then I go back to reading my blogs for ten minutes, because hey, I’m relaxing.
  4. Sometimes I like to take baths with one of Lush’s bath bombs. Those suckers are a bit on the expensive side, but boy are they worth it.
  5. Sundays I also like to use a deep conditioning mask for my hair. Lately I’ve been digging Arvazallia. It works wonders.
  6. I don’t like to fuss with my hair in the mornings so after the mask, I’ll either blow it out straight or let it dry in a fat braid so it looks neat for the next day.
  7. Then I snuggle up in my fuzzy robe and read a book or check out Facebook for the night. I feel pretty and ready for the work week.

Do you have a weekly relaxation routine? How do you get ready for Mondays? Let me know in the comments below!


21 thoughts on “Rest, Relax, Renew, Repeat

  1. I love to pamper myself on Sunday too! It’s the perfect time for face masks. At least our skin will look nice and awake today, even if we’re still sleepy.

  2. I love how you get ready!!! Very cool!! I use a deep conditioning hair mask, do some yoga, and meditation to prepare for the new week!! XOXO!! Happy Monday! Have a great one!!

  3. Healthy dinner + bubble bath + lotion + new nail polish + a movie in bed with a glass of wine always makes me feel like I have everything under control. Everyone needs to pamper themselves more!!

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  5. Sounds like such a relaxing thing to do…yes to spend time & pamper 1 self…this in guy-mode I would never even think to do….but the more of my inner feelings that have been coming up my feminine-side, I,ll tell U…..It is such a eye opener to me now..& to think? about something no matter how much a macho guy can be….he should also try this…to relax & even to rest & for two seconds (not) to think of him self being a guy….just to rest…don’t think of anything or any body Sit & do some sort of stretches / yoga & even do…or get your nails done (but) of course the guy version of getting the nails done lol For Kelly its the french style press on nails they can come off very quickly if ? need be

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