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MUFE Rouge Artist Natural N9 Review + Swatches Redux

I am a people pleaser. So when I saw that my review of MUFE Rouge Artist Natural N9 was my most searched for, most viewed and most shared post, I knew I had to do something. See, I was a little new to blogging when I wrote that post, and it’s not quite as thorough or easy to read as I would like. So without further ado, here is my new review of MUFE Rouge Artist Natural N9.

MUFE N9 Lipstick

Color: Makeup Forever describes this color as a “copper pink.” I’ve said before that copper pink is a difficult color for me to picture. I would describe this color as a very natural, medium-dark muted pinkish-red. It is a few shades darker than my natural lip color, but I would say that they are tonally similar (See comparison swatches). It has medium to opaque pigment

For comparison, here are my lips without lipstick

For comparison, here are my lips without lipstick

Texture: It has a very nice texture. It isn’t overly creamy, but I don’t find it to be drying at all. Not gunky or sticky.

Application: Applies evenly straight from the tube with minimal effort.

Wear: It wears for several hours, without feathering, but like most lipsticks, doesn’t hold up well against food and drink.

Price: $20.00 for a full tube—or get a free mini tube for your birthday if you are a Sephora insider.

Cruelty-Free: Alas, Makeup Forever used to be cruelty-free but in the past few years has started animal testing in order to sell their products in China.

27 thoughts on “MUFE Rouge Artist Natural N9 Review + Swatches Redux

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  2. Oooooo! My birthday is next month!!! I’m excited, this lipstick looks gorgeous! I’m not sure I would call this copper pink though… It’s a very pretty pink.

  3. Hey lady, I think you’re amazing and I just nominated you for THE VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD! You’ll find the post, the rules, and what I had to say about you on my blog!

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  6. Any chance you’ve come across a similar shade/ dupe from a cruelty-free brand? At this point I’m open to pretty much any price!! I LOVED my free mini & have searching since – to no avail – for a cruelty-free dupe. I have a teeny bit left that I’ve saved solely for my attempts at finding a match. It doesn’t seem like it should be THAT unique of a shade but apparently it is!! Seems like it would work well on so many skin colors/ tones too so I’m super surprised that it’s not readily available. AHHHHH….I know I sound like a crazy person but I really did/ do like the shade THAT much, & actually got loads of compliments when wearing it too. So yes, I’m desparate!! I was supposed to go to NYC in Sept & was going to get it replicated & Bite’s lipstick lab but unfortunately got sick & couldn’t make the trip. I’ll be rescheduling when my brother (who I’m visiting) & I can pair up our schedules but in the meantime I’m still on the hunt!!

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