TBT: College

Two weeks ago, I did a TBT for prom, and you guys liked it and I liked it so, I thought I’d do another one, this time for college. Here’s this old picture and 10 things I think about it. Hope you guys like it!


  1. A few people were kind enough to say I look the same as I did in high school in my last TBT, and while I appreciate it, I think I look younger here.
  2. On my broke college girl budget, I ended up wearing this coat—which I bought when I was possibly 13.
  3. And I continued wearing that coat until it got ruined at a party.
  4. I used to give myself my own haircuts in college, hence the ponytail. Just kidding!
  5. I have the sinking feeling that I might have outgrown those jeans.
  6. Loved, loved, loved liquid eyeliner back in my college days. You probably can’t tell because of the image quality, but I wasΒ sooo rocking a heavy cat eye.
  7. My hair was in such good condition before I decided to bleach it every other year.
  8. I said this in the last one, but why can’t my skin look that good now?
  9. I’m thinking that taking pictures in random stores and posting them online was the cool thing to do back when this picture was taken.
  10. Anyone else remember when people used digital cameras instead of their cell phones?

Okay, that’s the 10 things I think about this picture. Any time you made some interesting style choices because of a limited budget? Have you found any random pictures of yourself buried at the very back of your Facebook? Let me know in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “TBT: College

  1. Oh man, I certainly cringe when I think back to what I wore in high school. I got most of my clothes from the thrift store, and often wore things that just did not match (or even look nice together). I did clean it up when I got to fashion school though, since it was no longer cool to look like a ragamuffin.

    • Aha too funny! I try to look nicer now, but every now and then I realize I have a dress that’s 10 years old already

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