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Revlon Lipstick in Nude Attitude Swatches and Review

TGIF! You may (or may not) have noticed that I really love doing lipstick reviews. In honor of summer, I thought today I’d review a nude lipstick that I’ve bought some time ago, Revlon’s Super
Lustrous lipstick in Nude Attitude.

Revlon Nude Attitude

Color: The color is a very, very pale, fleshy-toned beige. Applying this color full-on, will definitely put you at risk for concealer lips. As pale as I am, I wouldn’t even wear this color straight from the tube. Instead, to make it work, I pat a little on my lips and blend it out for a more sheer finish. You can see comparison swatches at the end.

Texture: Nude Attitude is a matte lipstick, so it  can be a tad drying. It is no where near as drying as Mac’s matte lipsticks, and I would say that it is less drying than OCC’s liptars as well.

Application: This applies smoothly, but here’s the rub: being a matte lipstick, even if it glides on smoothly, it still has a way of showcasing the patchiness of your lips. (Another good reason to just apply a little and blend).

Wear: This wears for several hours, but won’t hold up to eating and drinking. It doesn’t feather, but it does have an annoying habit of looking patchier and patchier the longer you wear it.

Price: $4.99-$7.99 depending on where you buy it.

Cruelty-Free: No. For a long time, Revlon was hailed as one of the few cruelty-free drugstore brands, but has since been removed from that list.

Applied lightly and then blended out for sheer coverage.

Applied lightly and then blended out for sheer coverage.

25 thoughts on “Revlon Lipstick in Nude Attitude Swatches and Review

  1. I still think nude lip colours are a bit weird!! I barely wear any lip products anyway, so maybe I just have to get used to it.. Your lips look gorgeous though! ❤

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