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Fibi & Clo Shoes + Anniversary Outfit

Good morning! I just received these adorable shoes from fibi & clo and I wanted not only to share my thoughts on these sandals with you, but also show you how I would style them. Since my anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, I thought giving a sneak peek at my outfit would be a nice example of how to dress these up for a special occasion. But first, the basics:

Picture 11

Style: These are called Riviera and the color is navy.
Comfort: So comfortable! I could walk around in these all day. These shoes are also water-resistant, which makes them perfect for a day on the beach or by the pool.
Price: An affordable $29.50
Where to Buy:

What I Love About These: These sandals offer great versatility. They are water-resistant, making them perfect for a day at the beach. They also have such a pretty design, that I think they are appropriate for more dressy occasions. Seriously, check out that beautiful detail on the gemstones.

How I Would Style: These are perfect for the beach, so feel free to rock them with just a bikini. Personally I chose to dress them with a light blue pencil skirt and lacy top. I also wore blue gem earring because of how well they match the shade of blue of the shoes. Between the gems on the shoes and the gems on the earrings, that’s all the sparkle you need!

So what do you think of this product? Will you be making purchases from Let me know in the comments below!

*Shoes sent for consideration by PR

22 thoughts on “Fibi & Clo Shoes + Anniversary Outfit

    • Thank you! I’ve been wearing the shoes with some casual outfits. I think they’re lovely how they can be styled multliple ways.

    • Actually still in the process of planning my makeup! This is outfit I will wear for my anniversary, but it’s still a couple weeks away 🙂

  1. Hi V, W0W U rock in that outfit U go girl!!!! & such a pretty looking outfit So for me in the future,,, yes i can see me buying a outfit like that,,, & those sandals to (die) for !! pretty toes & the color yummy lol i do like the REDS,,, color wise… Kelly

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