YOU Tell Me: Are You a Hair Chameleon?

Happy last day of June! I want to start a new post to interact more with all of you guys. Yes, I try to read all your posts and yes, I try to reply to all your comments, but I thought it would be nice to make a post all about YOU. So today, let’s stop talking about me and start talking about YOU. Today’s question: how often do you change your hair?

The many hair styles of Demi Lovato. Sorry for image quality, but even though I don't make money off this blog, I take copyright laws very seriously out of respect for the photographers. Therefore, all these images were sourced free for use from Wikicommons.

The many hair styles of Demi Lovato. Sorry for image quality, but even though I don’t make money off this blog, I take copyright laws very seriously out of respect for the photographers. Therefore, all these images were sourced free for use from Wikicommons.

Women who change their hair a lot always fascinate me. Demi Lovato, for instance, has pulled off so many looks that I couldn’t include them all in this post. On the other hand, it’s hard to argue changing a classic look like Kate Middleton, for example. I mean, when your hairdo is that healthy, that timeless, and that perfect for that many occasions, why give it a radical change.

So tell me readers, how often to you change your hair look?


58 thoughts on “YOU Tell Me: Are You a Hair Chameleon?

  1. I have actually never had a haircut in my life, so not much changes there. I do like to color my hair, which is naturally blonde, using chalks and temporary colors. I color it pretty much 2-3 times a week.

    • You’ve never had a hair cut in your life? You must have Rapunzel hair. And blonde hair rocks for temporary colors 🙂

  2. Hey V! No I am definitely not a hair chameleon! I have had bangs most of my adult life and love them too much to part.. although right now they are all grown out and gross and this reminds me I need a trim! 😛


      • Hey V! The side bangs is unintentional.. as my straight bangs have overgrown! 🙂 I have had straight bangs.. will get them chopped soon! 🙂

  3. I change my hair color about once every two months or so, and I never maintain a haircut, so the style is constantly changing. My hair has been to my waist, super short (as in only about an inch long), blue, brown, red, bleached, purple, black, etc. It’s just an easy and inexpensive way to give myself a bit of a fashion boost without having to change my entire wardrobe.

    • Ahh your hair sounds so fascinating! I’ve been wanting to dye my hair a crazy color for ages, but work always seems to get in the way. I’ve been thinking of doing black with a purple undertone so that it will look black indoors but purple in the sunlight.

  4. I’m the most boring little thing when it comes to hair! I dyed my hair ages ago – quitted several ages ago… “Rocking” the long hair since… forever! No fuss, not too many hair products… When bored, I wear it in a pony tail or a bun! And that’s about it! 🙂 xx

  5. I tried to be a hair chameleon last year and tried to go from brown to blonde, but after it damaged my hair so much, I gave up on it and am currently growing back my natural hair colour!

  6. I haven’t changed my hairstyle since I was a kid, haha. I have recently begun thinking about it, but there is so much I can do with long hair, that I haven’t found sufficient reason to change! It always works, and doesn’t look outdated, or anything. I did start playing with semi-permanent hair color highlights – blue, green, red – and that is a lot of fun!

    • I love playing around with hair color. Do you have light enough hair that you can put the color straight on it or do you have to bleach it first?

  7. I have only ever tried to change my hair colour twice! Its such a dark black nothing ever makes a difference and bleach is not an option I still love it though 🙂

    • I hear you. My hair isn’t even black, just dark brown and nothing shows up or worse, the formula has peroxide in it which changes my hair to a gross brassy color

  8. I used to color my hair every two to three months. But then I moved out of my parents and didn’t have the extra money to spend on color anymore, especially when I started cosmetology. So, I finally got to color it for free when we went over color. My length, though? I usually keep it long. But when my dead ends get out of hand, then I cut to my shoulders, then wait another year before I cut it. (I know, ridiculous.) haha What about you, V? [:

    • Personally, I just had a major hair cut, which inspired this post. I had 7+ inches taken off and now it’s up to my shoulders

  9. I’ve had bangs for about 11 years now – the entire time I’ve known my husband too (so he has basically never seen me without bangs lol), but otherwise my hair has changed a ton. I’ve also had different styles of bangs though. I started to color my hair when I was 11 with semi-permanent dyes, temporary things etc. I think my first self-applied hue was a neon pink one that was supposed to wash off (and only to be used for striping the hair), but in my golden blonde locks… it kinda stuck. So I walked around with cotton candy pink hair for a while. I’ve had many different hair colors over the years… all shades of black, brown and red imaginable and even occasional blonder moments, but mostly I’ve been sticking to red and dark brown throughout the past 10 years or so.

    As a kid, my hair was long, to my butt and golden blonde, but when I went to school mom figured it was time to cut it and cut me a bob that stuck with me for years. Hated it, but at the same time, I cared very little about my appearances as a kid, so, whatever. 😀 It wasn’t until the recent years that I grew my hair long again, at best, it was about to my waist, but then throughout last year I kept cutting and cutting and cutting until finally just doing a long bob. Now, I think I might be growing it out again 😀 And I’m sticking with the red as it’s the color I’ve got the most compliments on and what everyone seems to think I should stick with. I’ve decided to start using henna on it soon – once I get a bathroom with a dark floor and a bit more space ;D

      • Yes, by far. Henna is just a plant! 🙂 Red henna is the only real henna there is and it’s more nourishing to the hair than damaging. Pain to apply though and messy hehheh…

      • Yeah, I suppose henna is at its best if you happen to want some shade of red in your hair, other shades are mixes of henna & something else, like indigo (or just plain indigo for very dark shades). I’m kind of anxious about finding my right kind of a shade and I think I might go have my first henna dye done by a professional if I can – we have “eco salons” around town which work exclusively with plant based dyes.

      • That’s awesome! Are you looking to keep the shade of red you have now or are you looking to switch it up?

      • Since my current color is out of a box and I’ve heard that putting henna over box dye might cause “interesting results” I guess I’ll have to wait and see 😀 I would probably like a bit lighter shade of red though! Currently my hair is more of a very dark cherry red.

  10. As often as I can .. Shaved off my hair, grew them..pixi cut, layers, shoulder length.. Mushroom cuts, bangs, bleach highlights..only couldn’t color then deep mahogany cause my mom didn’t allow and warned me of kicking outside the house of I colored them hot red ! So that’s it

  11. I’m not sure I qualify as a chameleon, but I do change my color with the seasons. My natural color is brown and dull so I use highlights to brighten things up. I go lighter in the summer when I have a little more of a tan and can pull it off without looking washed out. I am also not afraid of a new cut. In recent years I fell into a rut of long hair that I mostly ponytailed. I took the plunge and cut it just past chin length this spring. I love it! (Fun post, by the way:)

    • Haircuts are so fun! I was a little nervous when I cut mine, but your hair just ends up looking and feeling so much healthier.

  12. Oh my gosh, I constantly change my hair color, or re-dye it the color I have it at the moment. Currently though, I’m trying to focus on the health of my hair and cut back on changing it for a bit.

  13. I’m a total hair chameleon. If I’m not changing the overall style, I’m changing colors. I’ll grow it out, then chop it off almost regularly. Blonde, red, brown, purple…’s been all those colors within the last three years. Most of the time I just go in to the beauty parlour and tell my lovely stylist….”Do whatever you want.” She knows me tastes so I totally trust her to surprise and experiment with me.

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  15. I used to dye my hair from blonde to brown when I needed a change. Now that I am on a no chemical kick, I have let my natural medium brown hair grow in and accidentally fell into a natural looking ombré. My hair has never been shinier or healthier! I encourage all girls to give your natural hair a shot! It’s worth a try. When I need a change, I spritz some lemon juice in my hair for natural highlights! 🙂 Fun blog

    • Thanks 🙂 I actually also got a natural ombre look a few years ago when I let my hair go natural after multiple dyes.

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