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Wet n Wild Eye Makeup Remover Review

We talk a lot about putting makeup on around here, but you know what’s just as important? Taking it off. So today, let’s talk about Wet n  Wild’s Eye Makeup Remover, which I purchased on a whim a few days ago. Ready to see how it stacks up? Keep reading!

Makeup Remover

Effectiveness: I wasn’t expecting too much from this and indeed, when I tried to take my mascara off with this, big let down. It takes makeup off of the lids and the skin around your eye pretty well though. I found it was fairly effective to rinse my face, thus moving the mascara from my lashes to my skin, where it was more easily removed. Not exactly the most traditional technique for eye makeup removal, and I’ll let you decide if you want to go through the trouble.

Gentleness: One more thing I look for in an eye makeup remover is gentleness. This wasn’t super harsh, but it did leave my skin a bit dry afterwards and a tad itchy. I followed up immediately with eye cream, which seemed to solve the problem.

Packaging: Definitely a fan of the packaging. On the practical side, I find this very easy to squeeze out onto a cotton pad. Style wise, and this is just my humble opinion, I think the packaging looks simple and sophisticated.

Price: $2.00-$2.50. depending on where you purchase it.

Cruelty-Free: Biggest redeeming factor of this product.

Overall Verdict: Can’t say I’d recommend. I guess for the cheap price it does a decent job, but it’s mediocre at best at removing makeup and can be irritating. My recommendation is to spring for a better product.


27 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Eye Makeup Remover Review

  1. Since the eye area is such an important and delicate part of our faces and bodies, I would go for something more gentle and well performing at the same time. I mean, we should all remind that the beauty products we smear on our faces are chemicals…have you ever tried to remove make up with a natural oil by the way? It’s affordable, natural, cruelty free and it works! 😉

  2. Interesting. The product photo caught my eye in my feed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this, it’s probably something I passed by and didn’t even notice. Thanks for the review. I’m running low on Bioderma 😦 I’m hoping that Garnier water will start popping up soon but I have a feeling it may not.

  3. Sucks that this product was a miss for you. 😦 I use Bifesta as my makeup remover for base and eye makeup and it does a pretty good job for me.

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