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Lush Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble Bar Review

What, Monday again? How does this keep happening? First off, have you followed me on Twitter? I’m going to leave the link to my account right here. Okay, now let’s get on with the review from one of my most favorite brands, Lush.

Lush Macaroon

The Product: Bubble bars are a bit like bath bombs, the main difference being that you get a luxurious amount of bubbles in your bath. I love the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble Bar partially because it looks like a giant, yummy macaroon. (But don’t eat it!)

The Scent: This has a lovely chocolate-orange fragrance with just a hint of grapefruit. I know a lot of people don’t always like chocolate scented products, and I’ll admit they generally aren’t my favorite either, but this is just lovely. The citrus notes blend so well with the chocolate that even if you don’t normally like chocolate scents, give this one a go. The scent is strong in the bag, but not overbearing in the bath.

Skin Benefits: I don’t want to say that it makes the water more moisturizing, because um, water is the epitome of moisture. However, this leaves the water feeling silkier. This has coconut oil and Shea Butter in it and it just leaves skin feeling so soft and moisturized.

How To Use: Twist in half to have enough for two baths. Run under the tap as you fill the tub for tons of bubbles.

Price: $6.25

Cruelty-Free: Not only is it cruelty-free, but Lush actively fights animal testing. Not to mention, this product is also vegan. A win for animals everywhere!

So what do you think? Have I sold you on this fabulous product? Have you tried this before? Do you shop at Lush? Let me know in the comments below and have a great Monday!


48 thoughts on “Lush Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble Bar Review

      • Well I’ve tried a fair few but some of my favourites are; Charity Pot body lotion, Rub Rub Rub shower scrub, The Comforter bubble bar, Brightside bubble bar, Daddy-O Shampoo, and You Snap The Whip body butter! Tried to mention favourites across their different types of products (bath, hair, shower etc).

  1. I’m not really a bath person, I generally prefer quick showers but this sounds just so delicious I might have to make an exception. Thanks for introducing the product! Xx

  2. Hey V! I have tried the comforter bar and that was such a treat! I love bath bombs but Lush isn’t operational in India right now so no way I can get these.. just adding more to my endless Lush wishlist! 🙂

    • Ah, that’s such a shame! The closest Lush to me is like a 30-45 minute drive so this is just a little luxury for me now and then

  3. I’ve tried this before and loved it! Definitely agree with the scent, it was just perfect in the bath. My favourite bath product from Lush is Pheonix Rising. What is your favourite product from Lush?

    • I’m a pretty recent convert. The first time I ever went in their store was around Christmas. That being said I LOVE their chocolate cupcake fresh face mask. Works so well!

  4. Hi again V & all the other girls that read V,s blog being that I am NEW to…Fem- well the FEMININE Side of me…when first reading of the review at first it didn’t do much for me well for 1 thing I of course, I have always been a shower person,, but as I was reading of what some of the girls were saying: it touched something deep down inside (me) now I,m talking from my fem-side (Kelly) it must feel so very nice to sit / lay in the bathtub & to relax & *ENJOY the peace & the scents of this coco bubble I am glad I now know of a few more things U lady’s enjoy…& now I too can enjoy…& when i too sit in my bathtub Perhaps ?? I should be sure to have eating something b4 i enjoy (my) / Kellys bath because if it smells like all this nice smelly desserts I,ll have a full tummy thank U V for sharing your world with us…. (Girls) my fem-side I am LOVING S000 much of my NEW Me, Kelly

    • I’ve heard such lovely things about the rose jam one. And I saw a green one in the store, but I couldn’t find it on their website.

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