YOU Tell Me: How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

Hi people! You might have noticed, but I’ve really been loving these posts in which you tell me about your beauty regimens. I’ve learned that you feel pretty passionately about your brows and that some of you switch up your hair style a lot, while others have found their classic look. Today I want to know, how often do you shampoo your hair?

Veronica Lake. How often did she shampoo her hair? The world may never know.

Veronica Lake. How often did she shampoo her hair? The world may never know.

Okay, I know some of you are going to yell at me and say, “Eww, V, OF COURSE I wash my hair every day! That’s gross otherwise!” Hear me out: There’s a lot out there to suggest that shampooingΒ your hair every day can actually be bad for it (hence the no-poo fad). At the same time, I know people who could not manage 24 hours without a shampoo without looking and feeling like a greaseball.

So I want to know: How often do you shampoo your hair? And if you don’t shampoo every day, are there any other methods you use to wash it, i.e. the “no poo” trend? Let me know in the comments below.

109 thoughts on “YOU Tell Me: How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

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    • Nice. I can get away with that in the winter, but in the summer I’m outside or in the pool a lot and I’m constantly washing my hair.

      • Yes, summer is much harder to work with. I find I’m always doing something the day after I wash my hair…. then I end up washing it again. :/

      • My life to a T. I’ve been trying not to get my hair wet when I swim so I don’t have to wash it, but that is nearly impossible

  2. Girls that don’t have to wash their hair everyday are the luckiest kind! Because mines so fine it get greasy so easily therefore I have to wash it every single day, sometimes twice if I’m going on a night out. Would be really intrigued to find out if any ladies used to be a human greaseball like me, but are now cured xx

    • Ugh, that’s a rough problem. I don’t know if this will help, but I have heard that sometimes hair gets greasy as a reaction to shampoos being too harsh and drying it out too much. Your hair reacts by producing extra grease. You might want to try a sulfate-free shampoo which will leave your hair more oily in the short term, but help in the long-term. But take this with a grain of salt! I am no expert

    • My hair is so fine too! I have tried everything- a baking soda mixture, vinegar, dry shampoo. Nope, I just have to accept that showering everyday is my way of life. I wish I could skip days between washes because I hear it helps produce stronger hair but I am out of luck.

  3. I wash my hair every other day UNLESS, I’ve been outside in the sun long or have been sweating, then I have to shower and wash and shampoo my hair to get the sweat and dust and other stuff out.

    In between wash, I shower and just put a shower cap on and then use dry shampoo after.

  4. I shower daily, but I wash my hair usually every other day (I just plain enjoy the clean feeling and I keep it open most of the time), though sometimes I stretch it by another day. Of course if I’m sweaty and stuff, I wash my hair daily. Can’t go to bed feeling icky! – I don’t usually wash my hair in the morning if I can avoid it, but that’s because I don’t like blow drying it. It takes so long! Dry shampoo is my best friend – because my bangs get dirty in a day.

      • I usually try to wash my hair by 8 pm since I tend to go to bed between 11-12, so by the time I get to bed it’s mostly dry. It’s been so hot lately that I’ve had to sleep with my hair on a braid or a bun – which means my hair is still a bit damp in the morning >_>

  5. I shower every 2-3 days. After two my hair gets greasy, especially in the fringe, but I use Batiste dry shampoo to freshen it up. It works really well, I’d definitely recommend it. Plus cutting down on washes means my hair colour doesn’t fade as fast. x

  6. Only once a week, I don’t use any products (minus some hair oil). I don’t really get oily at all but I do suffer from a dry scalp so I only really need to wash it when that gets unmanageable,

  7. I’ve always been a little jealous of the every-other-day girls. My hair is really fine (and I feel like the color shows grease extra easily), so I have to wash it every single day (sometimes twice a day if I’m going out), or I look like I’ve been experimenting with Crisco. I’ve tried dry shampoo, but about half the time it makes the grease more obvious, if that’s even possible!

    • Haha, I’m dying! Experimenting with Crisco lol. I can usually stretch it out a few days unless I have bangs…one day not washing bangs and I look greasyyyy

  8. I have extremely thick, curly hair. I shampoo about once or twice a month. EEK! lol In between, I co-wash, which is washing with conditioner instead of shampoo. Shampooing too much, for me, will cause my hair to get really dry, even with the use of conditioner. Co-washing is great because it cleanses my hair but keeps the normal oils in my hair. With it, I’m able to go longer without moisturizing my hair, preventing product buildup.

    • Haha, that’s not too long at all depending on your hair type. My college roommate only washed her hair about once a month, but that was all it needed.

    • I was at twice a week before summer and sweat and pool made me wash it more often. I could never keep the days fixed though. I’m so bad at keeping track of stuff haha

  9. I wash my hair every day and at a push can get away with every couple of days. I am living in France and it is very hot here so I feel horrible unless I am washing it daily. I do use some fantastic Phyto haircare products such as the Phytoneutre shampoo that I use once or twice a week(clarifying & detoxifying) and I love it as it removes any product build up but is so gentle and smells really botanical. If I use the Phytoneutre I can get away with not washing it for a couple of days. I love the Phytojoba shampoo when my hair is feeling really dry and it smells of tropical climates and coconuts. Both worth a try and leave hair so shiny πŸ™‚

  10. I wash my hair once a week and use a dry shampoo only on the days I absolutely have to. If you try to stretch out your shampoos your hair will be very greasy at first but if you stick with it your scalp will calm down and get with the program. Just have a little patience πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I’ve stretched out shampoos in the past, but then I went and bleached my hair last year and my scalp has responded by being extra oily even though the bleached section has grown out.

  11. For my Afro hair, usually once a week. If not, co wash every four days for 2 weeks then wash and detangle. Which usually takes all day

    • Do you use a comb or brush to detangle? I’ve been brushing my hair to detangle it, but I have curlier hair and I’m told that’s baddd.

      • I mostly use my fingers..wide tooth to make sure it’s well detangled. I only use a brush(denman) if my hair is not that tangled/or to smoothed the curls. I don’t use all 3 the same time…it all depends on how tangled my hair is.

  12. I try to go up to 4 days and just use dry shampoo between washings but I usually end up washing it at the 3 day mark. My hair is kinda damaged from bleaching it and I thought washing it less often could help it to not look so dried out. I use the Batiste dry shampoo and I like it a lot. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I washed a lot less when my hair was bleached because of how dry it was. The most annoying thing though was my roots growing back and being greasy while all the bleached hair was dry.

  13. I wash my hair every other day (occasionally every third day if I’m really really tired) and I use dry shampoo on the days in between. If it’s looking a little flat I use a texturizing spray across the top sections of my hair. My favorite dry shampoo is Blowpro’s Faux Dry and the texture sprays I love are Blowpro’s Textstyle and Charles Worthington Dry Texture Spray (unfortunately you can’t get it in the US so I’m rationing how much I use it!)

  14. Indeed dry shampoo is a good option, check my blog about famous dry shampoo dangerous ingredients and how you can use natural ingredients for your dry shampoo…
    And I agree with the comment about harsh shampoo…they can dry your hair containing alcohol and dimeticone ( this silicone substance is mimicking silk….BUT it is also coating and isolating your hair from moisturizing active ingredients….so your hair are never quenched …) this is provoking your scalp to produce more sebum….
    by using soft and natural hair care products….your scalp will find its own natural balance….good luck

    Oops to answer the question I shampoo every 3 days…

  15. I wash my hair if I have an appointment or job interview, or if I am going out with friends. Otherwise I will just do it every other day unless I have been sweating, or cooking strong smelling food.
    Sometimes I will just go for Batiste dry shampoo. It comes in different colours now too πŸ™‚

    I can totally see how shampoo is bad for your hair. When I had pretty bad depression I could go 5 days without washing my hair, and that was the healthiest my hair has ever been.

    • My hair definitely got healthier as I started washing it less often too. Which it needs since I dye it so much. Thanks for commenting. I might have to look into Batiste.

  16. I wash my hair everyday. My hair gets oily really fast and I can’t stand that heavy, greasy feeling! It makes me feel so dirty. However, some days my hair isn’t as oily so I would wash it every other day. But that’s as long as I can go! I know it’s bad to wash it everyday but when you have hair that gets oily and greasy easily… you don’t have a choice 😦

    • Trust me. I know what you mean. Even if it’s bad for it, if washing your hair every day makes your hair look good, I say go for it.

  17. Every 3 days if possible, any less than that and it drys my hair out. If your starting to reduce the amount of washes it will look greasy for a while but then your hair will get used to it. By washing your hair too much you remove the natural oils so the body produces more to make up for the lack of them, that’s why people who wash their hair everyday say my hair gets so greasy. If you just stick it out for a few days it will get into a natural rhythm and become less greasy!

  18. I am feeling left-out because when I,m in my Fem mode as Kelly she will be wearing a wig soon I am thinking? of buying a wig that is made from REAL Hair & some of the reviews of those wigs suggest to really take care of them will all depend on how many times Kelly will be out&About &….I am sure i will be able to get away with washing (every-day) πŸ™‚ but when I,m in guy-more every day I have to wash (my) hair. πŸ™‚

  19. V & well,, every 1 else that reads V,s blog plezz don’t laugh πŸ™‚ lol I am not really sure to when & how many times a wig should be washed ( BUT ) I will be also learning this soon too It is so amazing to me of a lot of work U girls do to make your self nice / pretty & also feeling good (inside) so to speak,, I have always loved watching woman apply there make-up & clothing….all the details its no wonder us guys….love to see U as the beautiful woman that you are…p.s. I of course was speaking as a guy in guy mode lol. & now speaking for Kelly now, i too can experience all things in my femininity p.s.s. I will let U no when i find out more about wigs U never know? this topic might come up in the future & will (all) know more in detail about wigs πŸ™‚ Kelly

  20. I shampoo about once a week, but I cowash every 2-3 days for my curly hair, depending on how long I can get away with it. (I will shower daily though! πŸ˜‰

  21. I wash every other to every 2 days at most. I have SUPER oily hair & scalp so on day 2 I use a dry shampoo. If I’m not going anywhere I wash the night of day 3 to let my natural oils saturate my hair. The longer you stretch between washing the less oil your hair will produce, and it’s better especially if you color treat your hair! Dry shampoo & a bun can be a life saver!!

  22. V I would like to take this time now in saying: How much U are so sweet as a person with a nice *HEART such a nice fine young lady U seem to have been brought up very well with loving caring parents & speaking of that from looking at U I can tell I could be also older enough to be a Dad to U lol.. (BUT) At the same time… me finding out that I seem to have more of a feminine side to me in my (older) yr,s has made me realize that yes….even tho I am an Adult grown man that when these (NEW) kind of feelings that has happened to me…its almost as tho I want to express becoming a girl / woman & want to try (every-thing) the very same things that perhaps teenage girls felt growing up to try make-up & not know how much to really use because there teenagers lol & so…that’s how & what I am now experiencing in my life….& I,ll tell U V. U & your blog is helping me….to kind of get me past the teenage part of my NEW Life so to speak. Don’t get me wrong I am still holding back to wanting to express a HOT / SEXY & Some times bad-girl look too. lol with the (BIG) High heels yummy lol thank U so much V,

  23. I usually wash my hair every two/three days. My friend has really fine hair & used to have to wash it a lot but now she uses dry shampoo πŸ™‚

  24. Reblogged this on brookeashleylifestyles and commented:
    Thanks for this post V. I have been searching the internet for answers. I am currently dealing with an extremely dry scalp. I freaked out like “what the heck is going on???” But it is summer and the texture of my hair changes dramatically with the seasons. I have not found what works best for me when it comes to how often I should wash and such. Loved reading all of the comments on this post to get some ideas of regimens other girls are using!

  25. I have really thin, fine, flat hair and I use to wash my hair every single day sometimes twice because it would be so greasy… but then I started to realized my hair was getting so dry and frizzy and it just would break off and not grow. Since then for the last 8 months or so I chopped my hair off and started washing it every other day or every two days. I use the Batiste dry shampoo for second day hair which really absorbs my grease ball hair follicles and if I do third day the Dove dry shampoo absorbs the oil (it is harder to blend in then Batiste) but it gives me great volume…cause honestly third day flat hair is a struggle. I also make sure when I do use actual shampoo it is sulfate and paraben free and I make sure to do a hair mask at least once a week. I also use the Ahava hair oil to help protect my hair from frizz and moisture loss. Since I have been doing this my hair is shinier, smoother, actually produces less oil, my skin has cleared up on my chin area and neck (I think my hair was so oily before it caused breakouts) and my hair is actually growing so much better.

    • How do you like sulfate-free shampoos? I just bought my first and haven’t started using it yet (waiting for other bottle to run out)

      • I like it a lot better! I have less fall out and my ends don’t tend to get as dry and split as quickly. I feel like it takes better care of my hair and I was thinking I’d have horrible dry, flat, and frizzy hair my whole life

  26. I usually wash my hair every other day, though I wish I could wash it once or twice a week. But alas, I have an oily scalp, so if I go longer without washing for more than 2 days, my hair stinks and looks awful.

  27. I was my hair about every other day, sometimes once every three days. I know the saying the longer you go without washing your hair, the less it needs to be washed. I simply can’t go that long without washing my hair. It gets too greasy and stringy by the third day, and often by the second day.

  28. Being that I don’t have any hair now, lol, I wash about once a week or more depending on how sweaty I got. there are the taboo “don’t wash your hair everyday” but I keep moisture in my hair so if I wash more than once a week I know that the moisture is being put back in and I will use a co-wash (Coconut Co-Wash by As I Am) so as not to push such harshness on my head.

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