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Que Bella Pomegranate Peel-Off Mask Review

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will realize that I love my face masks. So imagine my joy when a few weeks ago I took a long weekend and found this beauty in the bathroom of my bed and breakfast. When I saw this Que Bella Refreshing Pomegranate Peel-Off mask sitting there, I just knew I had to try it and review it for you guys. Keep reading to find out what I thought.

Que Bella

What It Claims: Will refresh tired skin and leave you with a great, refreshed feeling.

What It Does: I actually do think it leaves skin looking nicer than before. It felt soft afterwards which is always a good sign. However, my biggest problems came with application.

Application: The consistency of this is not what I expected. As a peel-off mask, I was expecting a gel. This was very watery for a gel. When I opened up the packet, it sort of ran all over. I also had trouble with removal. I find peel-offs so fun to remove, but even though I gave this plenty of time to dry, I felt like my skin was still a bit clammy in some areas after removing this and I had to go over with a cleanser.

Price: Clearly I didn’t pay for this one, but if I had, this small packet is only $2 at Target.

Cruelty-Free: Status unknown. I couldn’t find the answer to this online.

So what do you think? Will you give this a go? Have you tried other Que Bella products that you like better? Let me know in the comments below.


22 thoughts on “Que Bella Pomegranate Peel-Off Mask Review

  1. Left your skin looking nicer how? Was it brighter or more even tone or smaller pores…? I’ve never tried a peel off mask, I tend to go for clay masks since they usually treat the skin issues I have. Since you said it was so watery to apply I’d skip it. I’d be too scared that I’d get it all in my hair and have to peel it out or do some serious shampooing!

    • haha you should try it. I started using them as a treat for myself every so often and now I’m using them pretty much every week

  2. I too will give it a try.. I have been using more & more moisturizing creams with Aloe i also use perfect body (peony) body butter & creamy petroleum jelly (skin softener) mainly for my face / hands / feet I am doing all this in my life now because i never cared for it in my past & some how so many things have changed in my life speaking of course how i am becoming a Cross dresser & all these beauty products will soften up my skin so that when I do start to wear make up & go out dressing as a woman by doing it (now) will make my face at least more softer more woman like…at least i *Hope that it does lol Kelly

  3. yes i sure will…& thank U so very much for your kindness & if ? it would be ok by U ? when the time comes for me to go for a make over ( it will be my first ever ) professional make over by a lady that has a lot of experience with helping out cross dressers & NEW 1,s like me 🙂 can I send U a picture of me / (Kelly) oh i cant wait !!!! I hav (never) done anything like this b4 in my life oh, yea….when i am getting the make over Karen the 1 who will be doing it will ask me??? Kelly….w0w your face is really in good condition the make up that will be applied on U is going to make u look like such a beautiful looking woman were did U get a lot of the information from?? I,ll be sure to tell her from a young / nice woman who has a blog & her name is V 🙂 thanks V….

  4. Never tried this before or heard of the brand. I’ve only ever used the dead sea mud mask and I love it! I also waiting to try the mint julep mask because I’ve heard tons of great reviews about it.

  5. I am face-mask obsessed, but peel-off masks don’t do it for me–I feel like I end up picking off millions of plastic-feeling flakes. Any other kind of mask (powdered, clay, bee venom, the list goes on) is right up my alley, though. (I tried some Korean paper masks recently and they were interesting? But SO ANNOYING because they keep sliding off your face.)

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