Obsessing Over Fanny Crown Dresses

So with cocktail parties, graduations and weddings coming up all within the next year, I thought I’d better stock up on dresses pronto! Of the many sites out there, Fanny Crown instantly caught my attention. They have dresses for just about any occasion, but I really fell for their selection of cocktail dresses. This little sparkly silver number immediately won my heart. I had a fun time playing around with ideas of how to style this one.

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 7.11.29 PM

The Dress: I love this dress. Sometimes it’s hard to find dresses that are flashy, yet sophisticated and refined. This one hits all the marks. The beautiful embellishments will make you stand out in the crowd while the demure neckline and cap sleeves balance out the shorter hemline for a ladylike appearance. If you want to steal the spotlight without showing a lot of skin, may I humbly recommend this? I think it’s absolutely perfect for cocktail parties (where I plan to wear this) or to a school dance, if you happen to be a bit younger than me.

And Why I Picked It: So I’ve already hit on why I like the style of this dress, but of course there are tons of dresses that fit into the flashy yet elegant category. So why did I pick this one? First of all, I can see myself hanging onto this for a long time and wearing it in multiple situations. This simple silhouette makes this style hard to date. I would have worn this five years ago and can see myself wearing it five years from now. I think this also has quite a bit of versatility. Yes, it’s perfect for cocktails, but could also be great for a night out dancing at an upscale club. I could definitely see this being appropriate for an evening wedding. I think I could get good use out of this one.

The Trend: Haven’t you heard? Shimmer and shine are on trend for cocktail hour this season. There are more than enough ways to play up sparkle with different colors, but let’s face it: when it comes to sparkle, nothing is more classic than silver.

Accessories: With a dress so sparkly, it’s important not to overdose on accessories. Let the dress be the star. That being said, I might just add a tiny bit more sparkle with earrings. But that’s it! No other jewelry needed. In fact, this dress is so pretty, I think you can get away without any jewelry at all. I’d keep the rest very simple with nude clutch and heel.

Hair and Makeup: I think a dress so simple and striking calls for makeup to match. Bold graphic liner will suffice without getting too crazy with the eyeshadow or mascara. A light or nude lip easy accentuates the eye look. I adore the neckline on this dress so I would hate to distract from it with my hair. For this look, I would pull my hair up into a simple up-do.

So what do you think? Do you like this dress as much as I do? Will you check out Fanny Crown for your next formal event? Let me know in the comments below!


11 thoughts on “Obsessing Over Fanny Crown Dresses

  1. Not the easiest one to style: it’s always easy to look like a Christmas chocolate candy when wearing a shimmery and colorful cocktail dress…

  2. Hi V, I really like the way that U can have the readers (us) understand the lay out of this very nice/pretty dress & yes i also believe that a dress of this kind can sure be worn for not just the cocktail party that u,ll be attending but other functions as well & still look your *BEST! it,s *Smart shopping also that we can become too & this U also prove to do. I myself in the beginning also have to *Smart shop,, & have the few outfits that Kelly will have in her wardrobe so that she will be able to mix & match. I of course would love to have a wardrobe of endless amount of clothes,, lol what Girl wouldn’t want that for her self? lol V, U will be fine with the purchase of this fine looking cocktail dress & look ever so *Pretty wearing it

  3. U wanna kno something V, ? U Rock-girl !!! oh, & I cant wait to see….well ? U will hav pictures taken of U from the cocktail party that ur goin to right ? I mean I & all of us readers would *LOVE to see how U look & kno how it went…Girl U r goin to look S000 Pretty!!! P.S. I found a profile on flicker of a cross dresser that its so amazing of the style she is wearing &….I *LOVE it !!!! it would be the style Kelly will first start out with. I will post a few pictures on my Blog of the outfit…jus so U can get a sense of the type of style I am goin for..& also until Kelly gets use to dressing up…& then maybe ? she can start to move up to wearing skirts & dressers I am also *** LOVING the looks of the MAXI Dresses & they can be longer enough to cover my legs too lol & who can forget Jumpsuits jus love, love, how they look!!! U R a sweet heart a very NICE young lady be well,, Kelly

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