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My Modcloth Loves + $15 Off Your 1st Purchase

Good morning, loves. So quickly throwing this out there: if you’ve never bought from Modcloth before and like their stuff, I can get you $15 off your purchase of $50 or more. I’m not endorsed by them in any way, just a regular shopper who wishes she knew about this when she made her first purchase. Just drop me a quick note on my contact form here, and I’ll send $15 your way.

Side note: See that tree painting in the background? My mom made that and gave it to me when I moved into my first grown up apartment.

Side note: See that tree painting in the background? My mom made that and gave it to me when I moved into my first grown up apartment.


Okay, fun stuff. If you haven’t discovered Modcloth, it is a really cool website featuring vintage inspired clothing, accessories and house wear. I like that you can get that vintage vibe without going full on vintage (because let’s face it: some vintage clothes are very fragile and sometimes they just don’t fit us and we want to weep). I’m highlighting some of my favorites here.

Traveling Cupcake Dress in Mint Roses: My first Modcloth purchase about a year ago. This is just so flirty and fun, though it veers on the short side. This pattern, Mint Roses, isn’t available at the moment but several other patterns of the same dress are. Just search Traveling Cupcake Dress and you should see some cute floral, polka-dot, and funky patterns in the same cut.

Meow’s the Time Heel: Ahh, who doesn’t want kitty shoes?? These are adorable, and yes they are available in other colors and patterns (with the same kitty face) and are available as flats.

I Be-Leaf So Earrings: These are my go to earrings. They’re big enough to suffice as the only jewelry you wear but simple enough to work with other pieces. The gold matches well with a variety of outfits and I’ve worn these dressing up and going casual.

So what do you think? Do you already shop at Modcloth? Do you want to shop at Modcloth? Let me know in the comments below.

31 thoughts on “My Modcloth Loves + $15 Off Your 1st Purchase

  1. I love the dress and earrings. Both give class and a hint of innocent sexy at the same time. Very well done. Great selections.
    Much Admiration

  2. oh, what a pretty looking dress V, & it looks very nice on U! Pretty smile too & thank U for browsing on my blog with the New pic that I added…it really means a lot to me that U…well? went out of your way in doin that…*PEACE! oh, & as U saw those types of styling will be for when i do start to dress up the ones that are wearing the leggings / skinny jeans right now I would say there my Fav,s!!! most of them in those pics if not all are cross dressers too

      • Yes its really difficult in trying to get right sizes as a guy…wanting to wear clothing that has been really made to fit a woman’s body & even to say: buy in a x-large clothing is also..very hard to match up to a guys body. As U already well kno u&I are totally made different lol as far as body wise, U ladies r made with a some-what bigger hip & well? so many other things in the dyer metrics So…it at times will be a hit or miss & perhaps a lot of crossing my fingers in hopes that if say: A dress or lets say a gown i wanted to wear It maybe wouldn’t be a right size & I would probably hav to bring it to get tailed *BUT!!! I hav also found a cross dressing clothing website & there clothes (they) have already made it to fit perfect to the male body the website is called Suddenly its amazing & well,, a little expensive too….So V, i am on 1 of the (biggest ) LEARNING journeys ever in my life… but with time & patience & what I,m still doing (research ) this will & can still happen for…. Me / kelly So with all that I hav said…I am also so glad that there is more people then myself with more knowledge of all things related to cross dressing that can really H.E.L.P. me out (BIG) Time!!!! Just as soon as I can do a professional cross dressing make over that too will giv me much more info…I will for sure bring my camera with me to take pic,s as the transformation of Kelly is being made & a notebook & pencil too to write down all things i would need for the future for Kelly, remember ? V,,, ALL THIS IS (STILL ) ALL NEW TO ME…I hav (never) done anything like this in my at times…feels overwhelming to say the least.. thank U V,, for being U…A really cool young hip chic,,, / nice young lady Kelly 🙂

  3. i just placed an order for some basic staples, but maaaaan, there is a white and floral sundress that would match my hair SO perfectly. Oh money fairy… moooooney fairy….

  4. Also, I have the Traveling Cupcake dress in (what else?) hot pink polka dot, and I love it! I had to shorten the strap a little, but it’s gorgeous on a classic hourglass, even one with some padding, like I have.

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