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Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Nude Review

Mondays always sneak up on us, but today we’re starting if off right with Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Nude.

Too Faced Melted

Color: As the name suggests, this is a nude color. It’s more of a brownish nude and a bit darker than other nude lipsticks. In fact, this doesn’t seem much like a nude on me.

Texture: This has a really unique texture, like a melted lipstick, if you will. I rather enjoy the creaminess of the formula and find it mildly hydrating.

Application: The application of this is also very unique. The lipstick comes in a tube and you squeeze it up into and through the applicator. I found this method applied very evenly. No complaints 🙂

Wear: See this picture above? That was taken AFTER I had eaten ice cream. So yes, this will last you through a meal. I will say that eating dulled down the color a bit and that it only lasted several hours after. With eating, this lipstick lasted about 4 hours

Price: $21.00

Cruelty-Free: Yes

So what do you think? Will you give this lipstick a go? Have you tried any other Too Faced products? Let me know in the comments below.


33 thoughts on “Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Nude Review

  1. I like this kind of nude pink. But maybe will add a littlbit of gloss or balm to moisturize my lips, cause they dry easily.

  2. I’ve looked at several reviews of these but never swatched them in the store, just because I rarely go for full on lip color on a daily basis… looks like a great formula though! Some of the brighter colors could be fun.

  3. I really like the Too Faced Melted range! They’re nicely pigmented and last well on the lips. On me, this is definitely more of a brown nude. I’m just obsessed with Too Faced in general though. Their eyeshadow palettes are awesome!

  4. hmm? I am liking this type of lipstick even more for the 1 reason is that when i do begin to have Kelly all dressed up & wearing makeup she will not only look *Pretty with this nice shade (but) !!!!! 🙂 U mean to say: that even after eating some ice cream *YUMMY,, lol it will still stay on & last,,, w0w this is really *Amazing,,, but girls….we also should be a little careful with the eating of too much ice cream we hav to watch our girly figures I know that ( I ) have I,m still doin very well,, great *Post V,,, luv-it !!! 🙂 Kelly

  5. I love this section of your blog! It was only the other week when I was going through all my beauty products and realizing how the majority of them are all tested on animals, that I said to myself I’d look for alternatives. So I will enjoy trying this lipstick. oh and do you know if all too faced products are cruelty free?

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