YOU Tell Me: What’s Your Best Feature?

By now, you know I enjoy our little chats. I like hearing about your skin routine, how often you shampoo and how you do your eyebrows. Today, I thought we could do a little self appreciation, since many of us feel down on our bodies from time to time. So tell me, what’s your best feature?


58 thoughts on “YOU Tell Me: What’s Your Best Feature?

  1. I love my lips! I was born with a small subtle freckle on mine (totally weird) but due to my genes I inherited a nice pair haha. That is partially the reason I have a slight lipstick fetish πŸ˜‰

  2. well I would like to share a few things on this post…not only will i share with U & some of the readers of what I like of certain parts of my body but…..if i may also say: in reading & ..looking at the pic,s of the readers that left their Comments, i can say this. we (all) have such nice features V, I,ll start with U…because its your Blog & its really easy to see what is 1of your nice features that stands out the most. it of course is your *Beautiful *SMILE,,,, & now as i have looked at all the other ladies,,** But- First if i wrote everything down in this Comment it would take up s0000 much space to do it lol so I,ll just say it & this goes for ( ALL ) of u ladies,,, what Amazes me,, from looking & seeing its as tho U all have a *Special glow & if u look also on the little box on the left side of the screen of your pictures U,ll see what i see that Special- (glow) of being a woman….not just any woman….its (you) deep down inside yourself that enjoys being that woman….this is who U are….some have more of a round face some have freckles & some smile perhaps more then others & the point of what this is all about…is: *ENJOY !!!!! ENJOY WHO U ARE,,,, U ARE ( A L L ) BEAUTIFUL !!!! I too am now…..goin to start to enjoy myself even more,, I have been told my eyes,,, i have deep blue eyes & it seems as tho any place i go too so many people tell me of my eyes lol & at certain times my eyes turn a shade different & that’s when…people tell me of how nice they are…I could keep on writing on the post…but….i better not lol So next time we all look at our self’s in the mirror just remember 1-thing: YOU ARE ALL SUCH BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE/WOMAN πŸ™‚ Stay well & be well,,, Kelly !!!!!

  3. Definitely my eyes. They’re really dark brown. I used to hate my eyes (was always jealous of my mom’s blue eyes), but over the years I’ve come to really love my eye color. And so with makeup I like to feature my eyes most the time as a result.

    • That’s funny. Mine are sorta of blue-green, but my best friends all had brown eyes growing up and I really wanted brown eyes when I was in elementary school. Like you, my eyes are now one of my favorite features. Funny how that happens growing up.

  4. It’s strange… Everyone says to me, dimples in my cheeks are adorable! I just don’t understand how can holes in your cheek be considered beautiful or adorable. Oddly enough I like my scars all over, it defines the person I have become over the years, stronger tougher and ofcourse a huge trail of memories!

  5. Totally the smile. I’ve heard some wonderful things from people about my eyes, my hair and my behind lol but the smile takes the cake. I agree with them.

  6. my eyes and lips, according to my mom, everyone commented on my eyes when I was little and say “oh, she has beautiful eyes” I still get it all the time and more recently people (mostly guys) have been commenting on my lips which may explain my love of red lipstick πŸ™‚

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