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Beauty Tricks I Just Can’t Get The Hang Of

Confession: Some Sundays I get sucked into the vortex of Youtube Beauty Gurus. I could literally spend an hour or more watching makeup tutorials and going from one related video to the next. Which got me thinking, despite spending oh I dunno, 10 years doing my makeup on the daily, there are still some techniques I just can’t master.

Uploaded to Youtube via Glambooth

Uploaded to Youtube via Glambooth

  1. Contouring: When I started doing my own makeup, all the beauty magazines told me this was the way of the past. But in recent years, it seems like contouring has made a comeback in a big way. Kim K does it and well, you get the picture. I can manage a little subtle contouring under my cheekbones with bronzer (if that counts? I have a feeling it doesn’t) but despite my best efforts, I can never manage the full out contour that I see pop up so frequently.
  2. Eyebrow Pencils: Maybe this is for a lack of trying. After some harsh battles with an eyebrow pencil when I was seventeen, I switched to a brow powder and never looked back.
  3. False Eyelashes: People who can make this look natural are goddesses! I admit that I’m not too shabby anymore, but there was quite a learning curve. When I first started, I could not blend them into my real lashes for the life of me and the inner corners had a way of unsticking and settling into a crooked position. I’ve defeated this by switching to half lashes and with some magic from my mascara and eyelash curler, but WOW. I also feel like without a bit of eyeliner on my lower lash line, no way do the falsies belong on the same eyeball as my skimpy lower lashes.
  4. Any Pinterest Hairstyle Ever
  5. Curling Irons: Sad and true. Hard as I try, my curling iron curls fall flat and frizzy in a matter of hours. I have much better luck with no heat approaches.

So these are the beauty tricks I just can’t master no matter how many Youtube gurus I watch. Are there any techniques you haven’t gotten a hold of? Let me know in the comments below!


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