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Exuviance Skin Care Review

Hello readers. Recently Evuviance sent me a few of their products to try out including three one time use samples of their performance peel, their evening restorative complex, and their Optilight tone corrector. Care to know what I think? Just keep reading!


Exuviance Performance Peel: Not going to lie, I was a bit scared to try this. Peels can go horribly, horribly wrong. I left this on for 10 minutes as directed, looking for signs of irritation. My face warmed up a little bit, but I didn’t feel any stinging or see any redness. After using this, I noticed my skin felt smoother and makeup applied easier the next day. One downside that you should expect with any peel, is that is has a stronger chemical smell.

Exuviance Peel

Evening Restorative Complex: This is very lovely. I’ve only been using it a few weeks but the little fine lines around my eyes are looking fainter. This can also work in place of a moisturizer.

Optilight Tone Corrector: I’ll be honest. I don’t have much in the way of dark spots, so this wasn’t the best choice for me.

Other Important Details:

  • Not tested on animals
  • Prices range from $48-$65, lowest being the peel and highest being the tone corrector

So have you tried this brand? Are you interested in trying them? Let me know in the comments below

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23 thoughts on “Exuviance Skin Care Review

  1. hmm? cant really say much with these products ( Y E T ) but…if these products are a way to prepare my face to smooth out & become softer for when i do start to wear makeup more often then,,, I sure will (NEED) to also start using this along with my using of body butter, moisturizer, oh, boy….If I,m going to do this C-dressing then I,m goin to do it right… lol Good post V,, So much I,m learning…thanks Pretty lady!!! Kelly

  2. lol as u can still tell,,, I sure hav so much mooooorrrreee to learn with all things girly,, V, U sure are so sweet & patent with me…& so kind,, my softer side of me…some times wants to cry because of not knowing I hav so much to catch up on I should hav been born a girl lol thank U Dear for helping me & giving me Advice when I sure Need it…your the *Best girl friend,, I mean… like a…girl friend as in two girls calling 1, another that….plezz I wouldn’t want your boyfriend getting upset with me calling u My girlfriend lol see for any readers of V,s Blog…not only does she know all things of beauty products she…will give her time & care to any 1 that needs help…& that’s why I have LOVED V,s blog so much…:) K,

  3. I did a peel about a month ago… it was some brand like “Ole Ericksons” or something like that. I could definitely tell a huge difference (once my skin stopped shedding…) but I used the rest of the sample and no bueno. Must have been compromised by exposure to air or something. I’m tempted to buy the full product but have no idea whether it would become less effective over time.

  4. Chemical peels scare me too! But oddly enough, I’m always drawn to them! My skin is sensitive but the few chemical peels I’ve tried didn’t do any damage! 😉
    Have a lovely week, my lovely! 🙂 xx

  5. I love Exuvience! That peel does wonders! I recently went to an in depth training with this brand and their products really do work. The restorative cream is great for people who get invasive peels and procedures since it’s so healing. The gentle cleansing creme is safe enough to use on babies and even as a feminine wash. The vespera serum is great for eczema, dermatitis, bug bites, poison, etc. It has lactobionic acid in it (also in the restorative cream) which is an acid used during organ transplant to preserve the organ tissue. And my new favorite is their new microderm abrasion glycolic peel. It’s made with professional grade crystals and a 10% glycolic peel. I actually used it right before the peel in your post and I have to say my skin never looked better! I could go on and on about this brand. I’ll write an in depth review of how I use their peels.

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