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Wet n Wild Megalast Haze of Love Review

Happy Hump Day readers! So you might have seen some of my reviews for the Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polish line, including Sugarcoat, Undercover and Heatwave. Since formulas can differ slightly by shade, I’m reviewing my newest addition to the collection, Haze of Love separately. Keep reading to find out what I think.

Wet n Wild Haze of Love

Color: The color of course is what first attracted me to the polish. It’s a deep, dark sorta brown, sorta plum red that’s PERFECT for fall.

Application: Compare to other formulas in this line, I find this color to be thin and a bit runny. Not my favorite.

Wear: It’s day 3 and there are no huge, have-to-repaint-my-nails chips. But I will say that I have much more tiny chips than I’ve had with other colors in this line.

Price: $2.00,  honey

Cruelty-Free: Oh yes!

So what do you think? Do you own this color? Are you thinking of picking it up for fall? Let me know in the comments below!

26 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Megalast Haze of Love Review

  1. hmm? I,m sorry V, 😦 but,,, IDK-? something bout this color on U ??? I hav seen pic,s of U in more of a….nicer color nail polish, even tho its fall…i jus think? 4u…a more of a *Brighter / shiny 1 looks better on U….& U hav such nice hands/fingers they should be *BLINGING,,,BLING-BLING,, lol but that’s what i jus think?? jus saying,,,hope u don’t get upset with me V, now 4 colors i luv- what ever the season is: would be a french on fingers & on the toes in something in the *Red family, like,,, a Fire engine red but….what do i know? I,m jus a New C-dresser that still is learning -still loving your Blog V,, K 🙂

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