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Lush Tea Tree Toner Review

TGIF! If you remember, a few weeks back I posted a little Lush haul, and some of you wanted to hear more about the tea tree toner. Of course I was happy to oblige, but I needed a few weeks to test it out first. So here is what I think.

Little Lush Haul

This toner is super gentle. Most toners contain some form of alcohol which can dry out skin and irritate those of us with sensitive skin. Normal toner for me = white heads and big, fat cysts. Ick. Since this is gentler, I thankfully don’t get that effect. Being gentler though, I will say I’m not sure if this cleans as well as other toners. Most people use toners to get that last bit of dirt and oil after cleansing and this doesn’t seem to pick up as much as toners I’ve used in the past. One final note, this smells lovely. In addition to tea tree, it has grapefruit and juniper, giving it a fresh smell.

Pros: gentle, good for sensitive/acne prone skin, smells good, effective

Cons: not quite as effective as some harsher toners.

Have you tried this toner? Have you tried any other toners from Lush? Let me know what you think in the comments below!



38 thoughts on “Lush Tea Tree Toner Review

    • I love all the bath bombs, lol. Butterball isn’t the most interesting to watch, but it really makes your skin feel lovely and moisturized after using it

  1. Lush is my weakness!! Great review – this is one of their toners that I’ve never tried. When I first got into Lush my go to was Breath of Fresh Air, but recently over the summer I decided to give Eau Roma Water because I wanted to switch it up and my skin was super sensitive from being out in the sun a lot! I just ran out of my Eau Roma Water, but will probably go back to Breath of Fresh Air because the ERW would sting my face from time to time and make it red where BOFA was always soothing no matter what!

  2. I agree with your thoughts on this toner. I’ve had it for a couple of months now, and while I no longer use it as a toner (because as you stated it doesn’t really pick up as much as other toners) I do use it as a face refresher. I’ll spritz it on if my face is feeling tight, or if my makeup is a tad too matte.

  3. Lush has this really great Tea Tree Toner Tab that only costs about $2. Just drop it in a bowl of steaming water and put a towel over your head while you sit over it. Not only does it cleanse your face of any residual dirt, but you can reuse the water as a toner by putting it in the fridge! I find it works better than the toner anyways!

  4. Have you tried the Simple toner? I’m not sure if it has alcohol in it, but I’ve accidentally put it on my eyes instead of eye makeup remover, and while it wasn’t very effective at removing waterproof mascara, it didn’t sting at all 🙂

  5. I have tried this toner, actually I tried the whole line, and although I did enjoy it for a few years as my skincare regime I found it lost it’s effect after a while. It may have been too gentle for my skin issues so I had to switch to something a bit stronger.

  6. I absolutely adore this, simply because it’s so great for sensitive skin! I’ve found that with more frequent use it’s really brightened up my skin and now any blemishes go away so quickly with just a dab of tea tree oil.

    Definitely my favourite Lush product!

  7. I love, love, love lush products. My roommate introduced me to the brand and I went hog wild on a shopping spree when I was in Montreal. I love their lip and body scrubs.

  8. Lush products are amazing. I love lush! I’ve switched my moisturizer to enzymion and will never look back. It’s perfect for my combination skin. The tea tree toner is pretty good too, doesn’t dry the skin which is great.

  9. The tea tree toner used to be one of my staple lush products, but I have recently switched to the Eau Roma version which is really nice! 🙂

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