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CeraVe Moisturizing Cream Review

After a week of giveaways, fashion and makeup looks, I hope you don’t mind if I end this on a simple review. Today I want to talk about the best moisturizer I will not buy again. You heard me right. So what went right and what went so terribly wrong? Keep reading to find out.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

Let’s start off with the good. I picked this up for $11.50. That might seem a little much for a drugstore moisturizer, but trust me, you get so much more in this tub than you do with other similarly priced moisturizers. This product is developed by dermatologists and does not clog pores, so it should be good for acne-prone skin. I noticed that this is a thick cream in the tub and applies thick to the face. However, after a few minutes this soaks in and that thick feeling is gone. I mean, completely gone. You know how some moisturizers feel like they are just sitting on top of your skin? Not this. This is fantastic. My skin was super soft and the best part was that my dry patches were gone without making the more balanced skin on my cheeks more oily.

But then the bad part happened. After about a week of using this, I got a couple whiteheads around my mouth area and a giant cyst on my cheek. I generally do not get cysts, but could be a coincidence, I thought. However, by the end of the next week, I had started getting tiny pimples on my forehead, where I never break out. When you break out in a place you never usually do, this is a sign of trouble. So despite my love for the price of this and how soft this makes my skin feel, I have to pass on buying it again.

Pros: Non-clogging, soaks into skin well, leaves skin soft, leaves skin balanced, should be okay for acne-prone skin

Cons: Goes on thick and SOMETHING in this clearly irritated my skin

Price: $11.50

Cruelty-Free: Yes


47 thoughts on “CeraVe Moisturizing Cream Review

  1. What a bummer! you’ve still piqued my interest enough that I might try this though… I moved earlier this year and the climate change in locations has given my skin some issues and I still haven’t worked out the perfect product and amount formula to calm it down.

    • So many people say that they like it that I think it’s definitely worth a try. Save the receipt so if it bothers your skin, you can return it.

  2. I have this too although since my skin isn’t too dry, I’ve used it under my eyes since they are definitely more dry! But I’m wondering if it’s not doing something similar just with little bumps. Don’t usually get those in that area but I also have something else I’ve used too. But since I feel like my skin is changing and I have no control over what it wants to do right now so I have NO idea where to place blame haha

  3. I’m sorry! White heads and cysts are not fun! I just started using a night cream that has all the qualities that I want in a cream, but the last two mornings I’ve woken up with little cyst like pimply-white heads. I don’t want to give up on the cream though! It’s such a nice cream. I think I’m going to try it without my serum underneath. I hope your skin has cleared up well.

  4. I think that cream may be a bit heavy for the face, but I’ve never tried it. I opted for CeraVe AM day lotion, and it’s pretty great. It’s very light and hasn’t made me break out at all.

  5. Aw shucks..too bad it didn’t work out for you! I’ve heard so many good things about cerave in a tub. Depends on where you got it, but maybe you can return it. Lol I have shamelessly returned many things after figuring out that they didn’t work out for me after a while..

    • Haha, I shamelessly return many things too. Since I lost the receipt for this one, I am probably just going to gift it to a friend who needs moisturizer. It seems to work so well for so many people!

  6. 😦 Sorry V, that this product didn’t work-out & thank U for sharing with us readers….its ok…on to the next product…that can… us all out…in a more & better way for yourself & us…..K 🙂 A.K.A.- Kelly!!!

  7. That stinks! If you’re looking for a way to use it up I actually use it as a body & foot cream and it’s absolutely amazing. For some reason I always thought that only the CeraVe products that were labelled as Facial Moisturizers for meant for use on the face… but I’ve heard mixed thoughts on that. It does contain a small amount of petrolatum (far down on the ingredients list, after even hyaluronic acid!). Maybe your skin wasn’t a fan of that 😦

  8. I work in pharmacy and loooove derm products. We push this off the shelves like it’s going out of style. I completely would recommend this product to anyone for the reasons you listed (mostly for the body), but I agree this is not the greatest for the face. They have a thinner consistency product with the moisturizing lotion, but that makes my face break out too; so you’re not alone! Really enjoyed this post, thanks for the review 🙂

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