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YOU Tell Me: Do You Update Your Hair Color for Fall?

It’s been quite a while since my last YOU Tell Me post. I’ve been so busy dreaming up ideas for myself that I ended up missing what you think. And boy, did I miss you!

One thing that’s always fascinated me this time of year are the fall hair color posts. According to the magazines, it’s out with the sun kissed hues and in with darker or redder shades. As a person who has experimented quite a bit with hair color in the past, I can’t say that I’ve ever colored my hair to match the season. Have you? Let me know in the comments below!


81 thoughts on “YOU Tell Me: Do You Update Your Hair Color for Fall?

  1. I did this year! I usually go for blonde then when fall got near I decided to completely change it up and went pretty dark. 🙂

  2. I love the idea of making a dramatic change each season, but unfortunately the properties of hair follicles don’t follow this trend. My hair simply won’t fully grow out or repair itself that quickly, so I have to limit dramatic colour changes to every year or so. That said, I experiment with shades and slight variations in length quite often.

  3. I usually change my hair twice a year and it just so happens to be right before spring and right before fall. This year I had bright pink hair in the spring, which was very fun! Then to transition back to my natural color I had to gradually go darker. So I went dark red after the pink, then dark brown, now I’m back to my natural hair color which is very dark brown, almost black. I am thinking about adding a few caramel accent highlights in the front.

  4. Nope! When deciding to go ahead and dye my hair bright red, I did it because I wanted to. I then had a phase at New Year of wanting something darker and went purple. It was nice but everyone, myself included, thought the red was better on me and getting the purple out proved difficult and damaging. I’m now just committing to this hair colour and focusing on getting my hair back into great condition! I do like to switch up the brand of dyes to find the best colour though. x

      • Yes I do! I use professional products, but do it at home to save (a lot of) money. I buy tubes of hair dye off ebay and got a bottle of developer creme off my hair dresser. It’s so easy to mix up and then I apply with a tint brush. The colours come out better and last longer than box dyes for only a couple of extra pound, so it’s worth it.

        I used Wella for the purple. When I first went red I used L’oreal majicontrast which is absolutely amazing, but I’m currently using bRed as it’s a lot cheaper than majicontrast, although the colour isn’t as good x

  5. I used to be a hair chameleon. I’m a natural brunette, but I’ve been everything from blonde, red, black and whatever is in between. I actually haven’t seen my natural hair color in over 20 years (I started dying it when I was 18 – you do the math). For the last almost 2 years now I’ve been coloring my hair a medium reddish brown (after dying it black for a few years) and I love it. Won’t be changing it again for awhile. 🙂

  6. Although I have been blonde for my entire life, I do try to mix it up a little bit like last fall I dyed my hair more ombré and next time I go to my hair dresser we are apparently dying my hair red (look out for a post on that because I have no idea what shade it will be). So, yes, I guess sometimes I like to change my hair color for fall, but at the same time, I always end up going back to my blonde color.

  7. I’ve been varied between light brown / dark blonde / medium blonde for so long (basically my entire life) that the idea of making a dramatic change is a little unnerving! But this fall or winter I may decide to be brave and take the plunge… We’ll see though, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll chicken out 🙂

  8. I honestly don’t really change it up for Fall, however thanks to my hair dresser ruining my hair colour twice and me having to fix it myself with silver shampoo, it turned out a slightly darker/more golden blonde shade than usual and I love it.

  9. I don’t change my hair color for the seasons, the most I do is add a few more highlights in the summer to be a little blonder, but it’s really all the same!! 🙂

  10. I do tend to dye my hair based on the seasons and I tend to get brunette and bangs in the fall but this season I am going even more blonde than I already am. Trying to have more fun and all that. Also for my wedding.

  11. I did a lot of hair experiments in the past but I’ve already settled – fire red is my go-to colour and I don’t want to change it again, contrary to previous years when my hair colour was changing two and more times a year, and I also changed the ‘do. Highlights, ombre, full head, dying only the top or down section of hair, plus any colour – you name it, I’ve tried it. Now I want to stick to my red, and the fact that my hair is very stubborn and takes dye very hard doesn’t make me want to dye it darker for fall/winter. I’d dye it my natural colour when it needs recovery, and then go back to red.

      • And also the hardest to maintain, and the hardest to get rid of. 🙂 But I’m loving it anyway, I knew I had to be a redhead when I was in 7th grade and it has been my colour ever since. I just freshen things up for a bit when I get other colours, and then I go back to old faithful.

      • I’ve been thinking about going red, but I’m afraid it will fade out, but not be completely gone and just turn into something icky

      • Not icky but maybe a bit orange. Yes, it fades most easily and you’d have to dye it often to keep the colour fresh. Personally I’m not afraid of that faded phase because I like how the faded coppery orange gives my pale face a good shade so I don’t dye it as often.

  12. I am naturally very dark blonde and usually wear it a shade or two lighter. In autumn I wear it with a red tint and in spring with a neutral tint. This has led people to believe I am a natural red head XD
    I was thinking of going blonder again but this comment has made me miss the reddish gleam… hm…

  13. hmm?? for this gurl,,,? I still haven’t decided what would be the right color *wig 4 me?? I wish that I still had (all) my nice hair but…. oh, well,,, will just have to see,,, I would think? a wig,, with my color that I am now,, kind of dirty blond-ish 🙂

  14. I just dyed my hair red for fall! It used to be brown with blonde streaks but I decided to warm up my hair:)

  15. Hey, I have nominated you for The Lovely Blog Award, all the details about it are on my page 🙂 xxxx

  16. I’ve never dyed my hair, BUT if I did I would go for something darker brown with red/auburn for fall and winter. I feel like winter would be a good time to do something more drastic with color. Even though it’s colder and drier you don’t get as sweaty and might not need to wash so often so it’ll last longer.

    • Very good points. Oddly enough, I think I dye my hair more during every other season. I guess because when I dye it in the fall the colors lasts through all of fall and winter

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