Help Me Pick the Best Outfit

Good morning, people. Wanna help me pick an outfit? ootd, oasap Outfit #1 I confess I am a bit obsessed with black and white prints. This polka dot blouse pairs well with pretty much any color. I like the red shoes, which are unexpected with the turquoise skirt.

  • Sunglasses: Oasap
  • Blouse: Oasap
  • Skirt: Body Central
  • Shoes: Target

Outfit #2: I love how white button-ups can go with just about everything. Nothing is more classic than a white button up and jeans. I think this could work for casual Friday, without getting too casual

  • Button-Up: Oasap
  • Jeans: Vanity Fair
  • Boots: Payless

Outfit #3: I attended college in upstate New York, so let’s just say that I learned to love sweaters.

  • Earrings: Modcloth
  • Sweater: Oasap
  • Jeans: Vanity Fair
  • Boots: Payless

Outfit #4: Everything about this picture screams youthful to me, from my very young looking face to the fun Garfield sweatshirt. Sorry I didn’t get pics of the jeans or shoes…not much to see.

So what do you think? Which is your favorite? Have I hit the style mark or am I totally off-track? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you didn’t notice, Oasap purchases are the only ones I haven’t had for years, which is why I don’t have links to the other products *Press Samples


59 thoughts on “Help Me Pick the Best Outfit

  1. I really like the 3rd outfit! i think it is perfect for the changing weather that we are experiencing right now, and I almost wore a very similar sweater that I bought in Europe this morning! I think the only thing that could make that outfit better is a patterned scarf, or maybe a chunky gold necklace and like a maroon coat, which are ever so popular right now considering I’ve already bought one! I think those things would take a basic wearable look to the next level. Or with that sweater, you could put a button down shirt underneath and have the collar and cuffs showing with a bold necklace and the coat yet again.

  2. I like 1, 2 and 3! If you added some great accessories with them, like a statement necklace in a bold color over the sweater or white dress shirt, that would be really cute.

  3. hmm? well? I think U already kno what i would like on U !!!! its Def a skirt/dress & ? If by chance U start to feel chilly jus wear a cardigan maybe its bcuzz I,m still new to all things girly & if i had-it too I would def B wearing skirts/dresses & if a woman’s got-it so to speak,,, & U got-it V, all of course saying this with much *Respect to woman !!! then show-it off a little,, I always *Love, love the looks & style of a girly,girl & I,m old school 2 wanting to hold open a door for a lady !!! &…jus so U kno also: U look good wearing your other clothing in the other pictures too,,, hint-hint ha-ha,, psst, shhh,, don’t tell any-1 lol skirt & dressers,,,, 🙂 lol Kelly

  4. Well the first and the last outfit speak very loudly to me because, duh, #1 – vibrant colours and polka dots, and #4 – GARFIELD!!! I’m tempted to say I love all these outfits because I’m really into particular details of them but the one I think is so very you is #3 – I’m really feelin’ this outfit on you, V. It’s casual, comfy and stylish, the real deal for a transitional weather outfit. Love them all, though!

  5. I like 2 & 3 the best! I’m from the northeast and have also learned the value of a good sweater =)

    Mind if I ask where in Upstate you went to school? I did my undergrad work in NY’s Southern Tier, which isn’t Upstate but sometimes gets lumped in, and I have extended family out in the Watertown area.

    • Do you? I was about 2 hours from there 🙂 I guess I was more central NY, but you know how everything that isn’t NYC becomes “upstate NY” haha

      • Someone once referred to Bard College as being Upstate. I generally try not to fight with people on the internet but I was tempted then…

        It gorgeous up there, my people are right by the St. Lawrence and I usually resort to blackmail so they’ll take me out to breakfast in Sacket’s Harbor.

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