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Sephora Online vs In Store: How to Get the Best Deals

Happy Hump Day, lovelies. As you know, I’ve recently purchased the Too Faced Everything Nice palette. When purchasing this palette, I had an important decision to make, to order it online vs in store? Most people probably have a preference, but aren’t considering the freebies that can be had from ordering different ways. Let me review.

sephora online vs in store


  • Big pro for online is free shipping on purchases of $50 or more. Considering the average price of something at Sephora (yikes!) it isn’t too hard to meet these qualifications, which means it costs the same and is more convenient than going in store
  • Deluxe Samples: Did you think that you could only get deluxe samples with 100 points on your beauty insiders account? Wrong! Sephora frequently always has offers available online for a deluxe sample with a special code. Usually you must spend $20 or more, but again, with the prices at Sephora…
  • Three Free Samples: Okay, so they’re not deluxe samples, but with every online order, you get 3 free samples, usually of a fragrance, skin care product or foundation (although they do have a variety to chose from)

In Store

  • Little known fact about buying in store: you can ask for a free sample of any perfume! Seriously, and the sample sizes are decent too–at least a week or two’s worth if you apply about 2 squirts every day. Yes, Sephora usually offers free samples of perfume online (3 free samples with every purchase deal), but you don’t get the same variety to pick from as when you go in store.
  • And yes, you can get a free sample of any foundation too! Most places in store will offer you a free sample of foundation, but I have to say that Sephora is super nice about it.
  • And hey, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs in store either!

So what do you think? Do you like to order in store or online? Are there any deals/freebies I forgot? Let me know in the comments below!


28 thoughts on “Sephora Online vs In Store: How to Get the Best Deals

  1. If I already know what I want from there I prefer to place an order online and get more freebies! Right now they have a code for a makeup bag full of samples and you get to choose the one you want out of 3 different ones. 🙂

  2. I love this breakdown… I always lean towards online because the closet sephora isn’t that close to me but maybe it’s worth the drive my foundation Shadeland never offered as free samples online so it’s always a guessing game

  3. Great post! I always go in store whenever I buy makeup products at Sephora especially if it is foundation or concealer. If it is a foundation liquid or powder or concealer I have to go to the store, because I do not know if it will match my skin tone if I do it online. So I have to try a lot it out to see what color looks good on my skin. -Nicole.

  4. Shopping in store at Sephora you can literally ask for a free sample of ANYTHING. They will put the sample in a little plastic tub with a print out of what the item is for you. I usually go in and get a bunch of different skin care items to try. Kate Somerville items, Glamglow masks, etc. All sample sizes usually give me a good week to 2 weeks worth!

    • Wow, I never knew that. Having dealt so much with department stores (who make you beg for a sample of moisturizer if they give it to you at all), I’ve been afraid to ask for samples unless I know that it’s a sure bet

  5. I have a Sephora that’s just 10 minutes from me and I hate waiting a week for a package to arrive so I usually buy in store. And it’s not just foundation & fragrance samples you can get. You can get a sample of just about anything they sell. I’ve gotten samples of foundations, primers, powders, skincare…

  6. When it comes to makeup, I almost always end up buying in store because I just get so impatient I can’t wait for my package. I also like to touch, swatch, and color match to make sure I get the right shades.

  7. I’m a bit of half and half. Recently I’ve bought online because there was a tarte palette I wanted but it was not available in the closest sephoras 😦 And I had to buy another thing in order to achieve that 50$ no shipping deal, which wasn’t bad either. And I got a free urban decay eyeliner with a special code! 🙂 But there’s something about being able to go to a store and actually see everything. I think it’s more vital if it’s something like foundation or concealer you want. Either way, I think it’s a win-win situation! (Aside from the prices and the money you spend… but hey, it’s a high end makeup brand store…)

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