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Yes to Tomatoes Moisturizer Review

Hello lovelies. You might remember from my CeraVe post, that I needed to find a new moisturizer. I played it safe and went for a moisturizer formulated for acne prone skin, Yes to Tomatoes Moisturizer. After using this one for a couple months, I think it’s time for a review. Wanna see what I thought? Keep reading.

Yes to Tomatoes Balancing Moisturizer

Overall impressions: As a person with sensitive skin, I love that this doesn’t seem to break me out at all. The formula is light and my skin seems to soak it up well. This isn’t irritating in the slightest. This has a semi strong scent, which is sort of earthy and herbal. I don’t mind it, but others might. I think this is a great moisturizer for summer and early fall, but as the weather starts to cool down and the heaters start kicking in more, I find this moisturizer not quite heavy enough on its own. One final thought: At $14.99 for 1.7 oz, this is on the pricier side for a drugstore moisturizer. But compared to department store moisturizers, the price is pretty reasonable.

Pros: Non-irritating, non-clogging, paraben-free, cruelty-free, 98% natural, light moisturizer, price

Cons: Light moisturizer, price, smell

Price: $14.99

Cruelty-Free: Yes

So what do you think? Have you tried this product? Would you try this product? Let me know in the comments below!


31 thoughts on “Yes to Tomatoes Moisturizer Review

  1. I’ve been wondering if I should buy a moisturiser from this brand for a while. I just might when mine runs out. Thanks for the review!

  2. I love all of these ‘Yes to’ products and Tom’s products. I have sensitive, acne prone skin and these really work! Tom’s deodorants are the only ones that don’t make my underarms itchy! Like food, using natural products will always be the best thing for our health! Great post.

  3. Great read! If you have sensitive skin or acne prone skin.. Please take a look at my shop. Our products are naturally derived, aloe based and AMAZINGLY for skin conditions.. Drinking the gel helps too. But I recommend the propolis creme, I use it on my baby who suffers extreme eczema.. If you want an online free consultation give me a message.
    There’s a 60 day money back guarantee on everything, delivery worldwide and a tube will last you months.

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