YOU Tell Me: Do You Prefer Fall or Spring Fashion?

Hey, speaking of fall fashion, did you enter for a chance to win this coat?

Small confession: When it comes to fashion, I’m all about comfort. That’s why in autumn, I’m all about cozy sweaters and jeans, while in spring I lean more to flowy skirts. But this isn’t all about me. What do you prefer, spring or fall fashion?

Picture 18

Dress: Oasap

Cuff: Oasap

Sweater: Oooh, not sure, it was a gift!

Scarf: Also a gift, haha

Jeans: Kohl’s

So what’s your favorite look? Or your favorite season to dress for? Let me know in the comments below

*Some products sent for consideration


49 thoughts on “YOU Tell Me: Do You Prefer Fall or Spring Fashion?

  1. I am not very fashion conscious (I wear the same things year-round!), but I have an app that I love playing that takes the real fashion-y world and makes it into a game. From that, I’d say I like the trends that happen in spring better than fall. But there are some super duper comfy fall trends that I love!

  2. I love me some fall everything! 😀 Just like millions of others out there, I love sweater weather and being cozy. Plus its the time of the year when the food is just absolutely wonderful!

  3. I posted a blog of how I have a huge “fall crush,” so fall is probably my favorite season to dress for! I love big sweaters and fluffy scarves. But I’m not too excited for the frigid cold weather thats coming this winter. Lol

  4. I wrote a blog on how I have a huge “fall crush,” so I would have to say I love to dress for the fall. I adore big sweaters and fluffy scarves. But I’m not too hype about the frigid cold coming this winter. Lol 🙂

  5. First off – that summer dress looks amazing on you. Secondly – I am all about fall fashion. There is nothing better than throwing on jeans, an oversized sweater and a big scarf in my books.

  6. Can I go for Summer fashion? Oh, ooook! Let’s say Spring layering because I have the hope there will be warm enough to take some layers off! LOL
    Love your outfits though, especially the girly girl dress!
    lots of xx

  7. Fall without a doubt! I never really know what to wear the spring because I feel like I should dress more light and pastel colored-ish, but it’s kind of boring honestly! With fall there are socks, boots, scarfs, hats, sweaters, coats, etc! 🙂

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