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116 thoughts on “YOU Tell Me: How Often Do You Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

  1. Surprisingly, not as often as I should! 😦 I hear we should be doing a full wash weekly, but that depends on how often you use makeup and makeup brushes. 🙂

    Caryl x -

  2. My first ‘good’ brush is on its way to me…but…I didn’t know until very recently that they needed to be washed :/ good thing I didn’t wear makeup too often, I suppose! I’m still not exactly sure how to go about cleaning them, but when it comes time, I’ll be looking it up!

  3. I probably don’t clean mine often enough…lol…I know you’re supposed once a week or something but mine is more like every couple of weeks or so 😉

    • I think that’s fine depending on the brush. Some I clean after every use, others I don’t even think about until they start to look dirty.

      • Yeah I don’t wear makeup all of the time actually so I figure then I’m not using them as much and can go a bit longer between cleanings.

      • Exactly. I probably only use my brushes 2-3 times a week because I’m very much about mascara and under eye concealer for my every day look.

      • They’re alright. 🙂 The set I got from my school doesn’t have the best quality so I have to do what I can to maintain them. But I’m slowly collecting better quality brushes on my own. 🙂 Currently, I’m using the brush cleaner from Bobbi Brown. But I bought another recently from SaSa. Haven’t tried it yet though. Do you have a particular brush cleaner you like? 🙂

  4. Once a month, I guess. I don’t do a lot of makeup on daily basis, so it’s cool. I do apply blush everyday, but that’s just one natural color, and it doesn’t get me pimples, so I’m good with it. But on occasions when I do apply a lot of makeup, I actually wash the brushes a day after, or directly after someone uses my brushes.

  5. Not as often as I should! Hahah. Hate to admit it but I’ve been so busy lately it’s the last thing I want to do after work. I try and clean them at the very least every other week – but I always wipe clean my gel liner ones after each use or they clump up.

    • Yes, I have to do that with the lip brush I use for OCC lip tar–which makes me not want to use it as much even though its a wonderful product.

      • I know the feeling. Some times I just can’t be bothered and I look at my clumpy eyeliner brush and just decide to go for a pencil liner! haha

  6. As I only use my Bare Minerals flawless face brush most.. I clean that every two weeks if that :/ probably should start doing them weekly though. The rest I hardly use since I don’t use make up everyday so they don’t get dirty quickly 🙂 Hehehee

  7. I clean mine every time by rubbing them on baby wipes (best idea ever! Plus you can do it between colors and shades so you don’t need multiple brushes. I do a real clean and wash only when needed which is rarely since I clean them as I use them.

  8. It depends on how often I’ve used them and if I have any other brushes for the same purpose. I’d say I clean my favourite brushes at least once a week. I’m pretty picky about that 😀

  9. Ahahhhhhh…. I didn’t t know that was such an important subject…..and I have a probably very unusual way…and very effective way to clean my brushes…..I ” dry clean” them…..indeed, I use a mix of “terre de Sommieres”( which is a very particular clay used for century to dry clean furs or lambskins….it is also found in some French soaps….it is literally soacking stains, dusts, oil…and dirty anything…. ” and arrow root powder Same function as terre de sommieres but a vegetal powder, I add a few drops of essential oil….depending on the season…anyway I choose a strong antibacterial and anti fungus one….it can be cinnamon essential oil, geranium…thank you for that inspiring post!!! I will write a post about it soon….great topic….and very pertinent question!!!
    To answer the question…it really depends on how often I use my brushes…probably every 10 uses or so….

  10. It really depends on how much makeup I’m wearing! If I consistently do my makeup everyday I’ll make sure to wash them once every couple weeks and I spot clean shadow brushes each use.

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  12. I clean them when I know they need cleaning. I have a lot of brushes and maybe 5 of them are used every day, others when I do certain looks that need certain brushes. All dark makeup get used with the same brushes and same goes for light, I have different brushes for different bronzers, blushes etc so I only wash them when I feel it’s time which is usually somewhere around once a month.

  13. Face brushes, after every use (or if I’m tired maybe every other use lol) each night before I go to bed. Eye brushes…no every few days but no less than once a week. Washing my brushes more frequently drastically reduced my acne!

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