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Sparkly New Year’s Eve Makeup

Hello, beauties. Long time, no see. I had been doing a bit of traveling over the holidays, so I didn’t have time to post much, but I wanted to get this look out in time for NYE. Yes, it’s right around the corner! I asked and you suggested that I do a sparkly NYE look. I hope you enjoy. Picture 24

  1. Foundation, primer and brows as normal. I won’t tell you how to do this step
  2. With a fluffy brush, sweep some cool, medium brown eyeshadow into your crease, making sure to blend well.
  3. With that same brush, take a darker brown color and brush this just into the outer corners of your crease and blend.
  4. Take a shimmery, light (almost white) silver and pat that onto the lid, as well as right below the brow bone
  5. With the dark brown shadow you used in your crease, line your bottom lash line and blend
  6. With your liquid liner, draw a medium line on your upper lash line and slightly wing out
  7. Now the fun part! To get sparkle, take a sparkly liner and go over the silver shadow on your lid. I find that using a liner is less messy than using loose glitter
  8. Use generous amounts of mascara
  9. Because I want to keep my lips kissable, I used a nude tinted lip balm, but feel free to experiment.

And there you have it! Products Used

*Please note these products used to be, but are no longer considered cruelty-free So what do you think? Will you try this look? What else would you like to see me do? Let me know in the comments below!

new year's eve makeup, glitter eye makeup

New Year’s Eve smooches from me!


37 thoughts on “Sparkly New Year’s Eve Makeup

  1. Pretty look! I’ve been wanting to get a nice glittery silver eyeshadow for so long.. I guess it’s finally time to get one 😀
    Btw, I just realised the picture (of Grace Kelly) in your header is the same I used to make a drawing for my mum as a gift 😀

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