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GlamGlow SuperMud First Impressions

Good morning! At least, it’s a good morning while I’m writing this. Depending on your time zone, it might not be by the time I schedule this to publish. So good day? Anyway, I wanted to get a quick review up about a product that everyone is talking about, GlamGlow’s SuperMud Clearing Mask. As you can see from the picture, I only have a sample size so it would be wrong for me to do an extensive review. So instead, let’s talk about my first impressions!

glamglow supermud clearing treatment

Going On: Boy is this mask a pleasure to apply! Unlike most other mud masks I’ve tried, this has very thin consistency. It applies almost like paint. It is very similar to the other GlamGlow mask I’ve tried, Youth-Mud, without the huge chunks of ingredients

Staying On: I always like to talk a little bit about the mask feels when you’re wearing it, because some of them can be a little tingly or feel warm, and not everyone likes that. This, I’m happy to report has no such feeling. It dries pretty stiff despite its thin texture. One other thing I should mention, this has a “Pore Matrix” which is when darker black spots start to appear on your mask as it dries. Supposedly, these dots are the impurities the mask is pulling out of your pores. I wouldn’t be surprised though, if these dots just show up where you have the biggest pores and not necessarily the dirtiest.

Results: So, as you can imagine, it’s hard to talk about results after one use. Some people have said that it made their acne completely disappear. I wasn’t naive enough to believe that that would happen to me, but my acne spots were smaller and less inflamed by morning. (I started using the Clarisonic and I’m in the purging stage, so I have more acne than normal). I also noticed that while my skin was dry to begin with (damn this winter weather!) the mask didn’t dry out my skin more. And the best part about the mask, the part that convinced me to write this post after one use? Usually when I get out of the shower, the warm water brings out the blotchiness of my skin. But after using this mask, my skin was positively glowing without an ounce of redness. Lovely!

Price: $69.00 for 1.2 oz (eek!) If you are interested in trying this, I highly recommend getting a sample from Sephora first.

Cruelty-Free: I wasn’t sure about this before, but after more research, it looks like this brand is not cruelty-free. Sad face.

So what do you think? Have you tried this product? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


36 thoughts on “GlamGlow SuperMud First Impressions

  1. Great review V! I haven’t jumped the GlamGlow wagon to the honest because I’m not sure which one to try! The black, the green, the blue, way too many choices! But I like how this one does not have a stinging feeling and is very hydrating, so I will definitely pick up a sample to try first! And given the price I have to make sure my sensitive skin is fine with it first before shelling out the greenbacks lol~ have a great one love! 🙂 xo~ Lena

  2. I took the plunge and bought the full size and I really love it, it definitely helps with break outs. I just need to remember to use it, lol.

  3. I am ALWAYS sure to grab a sample of Glam Glow when I pass by a Sephora. I do have to say that this is my favorite deep pore, blackhead grabbing, mask! I usually use this on a Sunday evening, almost as if to ‘wipe away the weekend.’ I try to avoid seeing anyone, as it can be a tad scary to look at! The vacuum effect is so powerful that it really does grab all residue/build-up on your skin. My only complaint is that I don’t think that ‘flawless’ face you see after you take off the mask lasts very long. When I wash my face Monday evening I feel like my skin has re-grabbed residue/build-up. Regardless it is a great sample to ‘grab’ anytime you can!

    Thanks for the review!

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