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Clarisonic Progress Report

Hello everyone. I thought by now, I’d be ready to do a full review on the Clarisonic Mia 2 my boyfriend got me for Christmas. (Silent moment of appreciation for boyfriends who actually listen to our beauty wishlists). Although, I’ve been using it about a month, I went through a purging phase that lasted longer than expected, so I’m not ready to talk about results yet. But let me state my experiences with the Clarisonic Mia so far.


Week 1: I started off, as the directions suggested, by only using the Clarisonic every other day. In my case, I picked Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for consistency and took the weekends off. Turns out miracles don’t happen. No change this first week

Week 2: Still only using the Clarisonic every other day, week 2 was when I experienced the nasty purging phase. Although it wasn’t as bad as I expected, I had a few more breakouts than usual. Luckily no cystic acne

Week 3: Week 3 was when I started using the Clarisonic on an every day basis. My new pimples were disappearing fast, but of course, there was a trade off. I’ve never really had a problem with blackheads, but suddenly they were sprouting up in my T-Zone, including a very prominent one on my nose. My pores were also looking unusually large. At this point, I was ready to go back to my old routine, except that I’ve learned over the years that things that are supposed to treat acne rarely take less than a month to work. So I decided I would stick it out at least another 9 days.

Week 4 & Beyond: So here we are a little past the 4 week mark. My blackheads have disappeared, my pores have shrunk back to normal and I currently don’t have any breakouts. My skin still doesn’t look great in my opinion, because I still have acne scars, but I don’t think the Clarisonic is going to take care of that too! All in all, while I’m pleased with the results right now, I’ve had acne long enough to know that sometimes you just have a good week. Plus my acne was pretty well under control before using the Clarisonic, only experiencing minor breakouts. I’ll let you know in a month or so if these results have lasted.

Final Thoughts

What I Like: For the moment, knock on wood, the Clarisonic has appeared to clear my skin up.

What I Dislike: This thing takes forever to charge! Beyond that, it’s very expensive.

What I Feel Meh About, but Should Probably Mention: So obviously, not everyone is going to be preoccupied with acne using this product. Some people use it for a deeper clean and because this supposedly helps serums and moisturizers sink in better. It probably does do a decent job of deep cleaning judging by how it seemed to blast all my acne to the surface. However, if that’s your reason for using it, I’d consider how much cleaner you really need your face to be. Also, if you have hard water, it might not be as effective. I didn’t notice much of a difference in how well any of my lotions and potions sunk in, but then again, I had never had a problem with that anyway. Ditto for the smoothness and softness of my skin

So what do you think? Have you used the Clarisonic Mia 2? Are you interested in using it? Let me know in the comments below!

62 thoughts on “Clarisonic Progress Report

  1. I’ve had the Mia for awhile and used it religiously a few years ago, but have dropped off it since then. But I usually take it out again when my skin is really acting up!

  2. I did used it and didn’t liked it at all! I have sensitive skin and even used with the sensitive skin brush head thingy it was still too harsh for me! 😕 I’ve never really had breakouts issues until I used that when big, painful, under the skin pimples started coming out of nowhere and lasted for a good couple of days on my fave!
    It gave me larger pores, breakouts, sore and rosy cheeks! I obviously sold it in less than a year!
    Now I use the Foreo Luna and it’s better for my sensitive skin. After the purging phase everything went back to normal, only that my skin looks better. And combined with other treatments I really can see good results!
    Plus with the Luna you don’t need to charge it for over 350 usages! And it also is so clever that it actually stops when you finished cleansing your face, by itself!
    😊xx and have a great week lovely!


    • Annie, I was so afraid that was going to happen to me! My skin is extra sensitive and when I started breaking out, I really couldn’t tell if I was purging or if it was irritating my skin. Thankfully, all seems to be well for now. I’ve never heard of the Luna, but it sounds fantastic!

  3. Great review V, you’ve a heck of a lot more patience than I have huni – I’m dreadful when it comes to persisting with things that aren’t doing the job quick enough. Thankfully I’ve not had much of an issue with my skin, though having read a mixed bag of reviews about this I’m not sure I’d be entirely convinced to pay the full whack – maybe special offer 😉 Glad you got some benefit out of it and well done to your bf for taking note!!! 😀 Hopefully your skin will stay clear for you, Karen X

    • Thanks Karen! I learned from going to my dermatologist as a young teenager. He prescribed me some acne treatments and told me instead of giving up on them after two weeks to wait at least a month. And I did. Went from quote “one of the worst cases of acne” to people complimenting me on my skin with no makeup 🙂

      • Just goes to show that patience really is a virtue in this case!! That is amazing you had such a transformation – just shows it can be done with a great dermatologist & persistence 🙂 Xo

      • Thanks 🙂 My insurance changed in 2008, and I don’t think my skin has ever been as lovely as when I was using the dermatologist prescribed products, but thankfully it’s never been as bad as it was when I was around 14.

      • Ahh right, so I take it with insurance changes you can’t get the prescribed any more? That’s great the issues have stayed clear V! Long may it continue huni 🙂 X

      • Yes, although my insurance has changed again since then, so I’m actually not sure if I would be covered for those products again. Either way, with the except of some random spots here and there, it’s been pretty under control with drugstore products. Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. I got a Clarisonic Plus for my birthday/Christmas and am also trialling it right now, so I was interested to see how you got on with it! My experiences have been a little different from yours (though also positive) so I am glad to see it is working out for you.

    Three cheers for gifts that are actually wanted! ❤ Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have the Clinique Sonic Cleanser. I got it for xmas and it’s working well. I also appear to have more obvious blackheads forming! But that must mean it’s doing the job. My pores are disappearing slowly as well as redness on my face as I’ve started to moisturise with anti spot moisturiser. I feel I needed to do this otherwise my face would dry out too much.
    I’ve also tried not to exfoliate in the mornings, and only do it in the evenings, as this’ll help stop redness. (I used to exfoliate too much but apparently it’s not good for the skin!)

    • Agreed. You might also be using a product that is a chemical exfoliator already. I didn’t know this, but salicylic acid is an exfoliator even though it’s found in smooth, gel cleansers

    • Thanks Lena, I hope you are too! I say if you’re happy with your skin to skip it. It’s expensive and you have to factor in that you’ll need to buy replacement brush heads every few months

  6. I’ve mentioned to you than I am pro Clarisonic for sure. I have a few tips/ideas for you. 1st. mine stays in the shower. It gets used by both my husband and myself (with different brush heads of course.). With both of us using it daily, we only have to charge it once a week. It get’s put on the charger on Sunday after we use it and then its ready to go again by Monday morning. We use the Philosophy Purity soap. It’s gentle enough for my husbands acne prone skin and strong enough to get all the makeup and mascara off me! Even though it may seem like a hassle to use at times the thing I keep reminding myself of is that there is no way I could possibly do a better job of cleaning my face with just my hands or a wash cloth (which I won’t use simply because they are too harsh on skin and I am the one doing laundry so the less laundry the better). I’ve noticed a change in the feel and tone of my skin for sure. I hope in time you’ll see changes for the better!

    • Thanks so much for the tips! I’m already noticing my skin looking clearer, but I don’t want to say that for sure just yet as I’m just out of the purging phase. I haven’t really noticed anything too different with tone or feel but maybe I will by the next update

  7. Ive never used a clarasonic . . Too expensive for me right now. But i have been looking for cheaper alternatives to this mainly to help get rid of random dry patches i have when i apply foundation. . Its like they appear out of nowhere and the exfoliating pads i use with cleanser i guess isnt strong enough? Still searching though.

  8. The Clarisonic is amazing right? It really has made such a huge difference in my skin too! But you’re right, it’s definitely a commitment and you have to keep using it to see any changes! 🙂 ❤

  9. I’ve been using the clarisonic Mia 2 for about 2 years now and it’s a holy grail product for me. It has gotten my acne under control. It has also slowly sloughed off my scars, so be patient. It definitely works.

  10. Brushes like the Clarisonic are great for deep cleaning however not for everyday use; it can be quite sensitizing to skin and can sometimes spread acne if you’re experiencing a breakout phase. Also, it’s a good idea to change the brush head every 2-3 months and rinse very well after each use. Hope this helps. 🙂

  11. To buy or not to buy! I do not suffer from severe acne but my chin is really vulnerable for bumps and under skin pimples -_- i always hear really good and really bad about MIA so until now I keep myself out of this. But honestly I really really wanna give it a try for a month and see the “miracles” capable of… maybe i can ask for a valentine present 😉

  12. I love my Clarisonic. I have the Clarisonic Classic (the older version of Mia 2) and it’s a staple for me. I’ve had mine for about 4 years, use it daily and never had an issue with it, so I have definitely gotten my money’s worth. Another great post😊

  13. I’ve been using mine for years (with the sensitive brush heads). I noticed the deep cleaning immediately. My pores are so clear and don’t get clogged. It also really helps exfoliate, especially in winter when my skin is so dry. I love mine.

  14. Go you for keeping at it! I’ve had my Clarisonic Mia 2 for about a year now, but have not used it religiously. Maybe I was going through the purging phase because things seemed bad so I tried to go back to my usual routine. If you’re finally seeing some good results, maybe i just need to stick with it like you did. Anything for that clear skin we all want, right!

    • Haha, yes! I’m actually going to post an update on this soon. I don’t know if it’s just me, but my skin is clear most of the time since I’ve been using this, but it’s worse than ever before when I get to “that time” of the month

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