Winter’s Kiss + NEED YOUR HELP

The Story: It’s mid-February, but not a drop of frost touches you as you twirl under the warm, glowing lights of the dance floor. Well, we shouldn’t say no frost, as your dress is formed of layers of icy blue tulle. As the gold embroidery catches the light, you feel not like a princess. You are a queen.

Elsa Dress Chi Chi Tag Elsa Dress Chi Chi

The Dress: The Elsa dress from Chi Chi London is a cornflower blue midi length dress with cap sleeves and truly breathtaking gold embroidery. For any girl going to prom or a formal dance, this dress is perfect. Sometimes I see prom dresses online and wonder how they ever make it past the dress code. I’m 5’9″ and this dress falls about knee length for me. The scalloped neckline rises all the way up past my collar bones and it has sleeves to cover my shoulders. I hope no one could accuse this dress of showing too much. At the same time, it’s attention grabbing, gorgeous and regal. Sounds dorky, but I also love the tag: “If you remove me, then I am yours to keep.” Yes, it’s a warning that if you remove the tag, you can’t return the dress, but the way they phrased it, really adds to the fairytale element of the gown.

How I Need Your Help: So when I first saw this dress online, I was too wowed to be practical and think where I would wear this. It’s so beautiful! But it’s too much for dinner or dancing and I’m way too old for prom. Maybe I could wear it to a wedding? Is it too much for a wedding? I don’t want to outshine the bride (kidding! sorta…) So let me know where I should wear this dress in the comments below.

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92 thoughts on “Winter’s Kiss + NEED YOUR HELP

  1. Wow what a pretty dress 🙂 you carry it beautifully! I think you could wear to a wedding if you go low key with the accessories (i.e. no jewelry; no heels), otherwise you’ll definitely outshine the bride!

  2. You look so great in it!!
    you could wear it to a wedding, with a white sweater and white or nude heels. To keep it low key during the ceremony and remove the sweater at the reception!
    just a thought!
    or you could just throw a fancy dinner party! haha my old roommate and I did that all the time, had everyone dress up and eat dinner at our dining room table. It was always fun.
    Either way, I hope you find somewhere to wear it because you look amazing in it:)

  3. Oh my gosh, that dress is absolutely stunning! I definitely think you could wear it to a formal wedding. I think it could also work for a more formal dinner/event, and if you ever go on a cruise and need something for the captain’s dinner…

    Also, I love that although it’s clearly designed with “Frozen” in mind, and is a frosty wintery blue, it’s pastel enough that I think it could totally work as a spring dress (or maybe I just don’t care enough about seasonal colors, lol).

      • I actually used to do that with my friends about 4-5 years ago. We called it “10s on the 10th” (because we’d go out the 10th of each month) Then we sorta stopped because life was too busy

    • I agree S0000 much with Ana bragg makeup !!!! V, your a woman….& this is 1, beautiful thing about being a young lady….*Enjoy being (you) & the smile you are wearing while in the Dress….is: breathless Such a pretty young lady showing & being free,,, that in it self is enough to wear such pretty outfits,,, & why even stop buying more dresses,,,, U have seen me write from time to time on your posts saying: U-go-girl !!!! or,, U-Rock,,, well I am now saying it also for when u wear any type of clothing,,, Just-do-it !!!! keep roc-in what ever u decide to wear….so yes on my vote on this dress I would LOVE to be in the company of you while u wore it U-go-girl !!!!!!! 😉

  4. Ah, been there, done that!
    Here are some suggestions:

    Every so often, my friends and I have a theme party / GNO. I’ll bet that MOST of your friends have some kind of lovely dress / outfit that they’d also love the opportunity to wear but haven’t had.

    Like almost everyone else said, wear it for a fancy dinner. What better excuse to wave your princess flag than on your birthday??!

    I know it’s a long way off, but I would also consider wearing it on NYE. So it’s all ‘black tie’ or whatever… so what! Start the year off with a bang by not being ‘cookie-cutter’!

    Take a cruise! They can really affordable vacations (it helps that i live so close to a port, of course, but seriously… ) a cruise includes your food and is generally less expensive per night than a 3 star hotel!

    You look and feel wonderful in it. Make up an excuse to wear it. Someday, when your skin is too wrinkly and your firm turns to jiggle, you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for all your suggestions. I’ll definitely find an excuse to wear it. And then who knows? I’ve been thinking about donating it to a program that gives prom dresses free to underprivileged girls…but I’m going to be a little selfish and wear it at least once first

  5. Love it! I think you could get away with it for dinner in a nice restaurant, a cocktail party, christmas drinks, a high tea with the girls? So many options to look lovely 🙂

  6. Gorgeous dress V, you look fantastic in it though I think it would be better suited to something a little more formal like a wedding… might be a tad too much for dinner?! Having said that Carrie from SATC wore some pretty amazing dresses out on the town so go with your instincts 😉 Karen x

  7. It’s a keeper it looks great on you! I think it’s wedding appropriate, you can throw a pashmina over your shoulders if you’re worried, but I think it’s fine on it’s own. I would not have been offended if any of my guests had worn it to mine!

    • Thank you! I worry with some brides. I’ve been a bridesmaid to women who didn’t want us to wear jewelry…so yup, I worry about stuff being too flashy, haha

      • Haha I let my bridesmaids pick their own shoes and jewelry so they could add their own personal style into the look so I may be on the more relaxed side of the bride spectrum!

  8. aw, you look like Cinderella! I get zero Frozen vibe, though. I’d never wear it to a wedding, it’s clearly a ball gown. so your only option is to move to Vienna, if you guys have no balls outside of proms. 😉

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  10. You look stunning <3. Can you please tell me what you think about sizes of these dresses?
    i mean is 12=12 and for example 14=14.
    What size are you wearing?

    • Hey, so these are UK sizes. which run a little smaller than American sizes. So for instance, with US sizes I’m typically an 8, with these sizes, I’m a 14. I think they have a sizing chart on their website if you are confused.

  11. May I ask what size you are wearing? I am planning to buy this dress but not sure what size would fit me. Thank you very much!

  12. Can you please tell me the length of the dress and how tall you are? Because I am 5’2 and the dress might be a little longer.

  13. You should wear the dress to a tea party! Maybe to someone’s birthday! If you are nervous that you will be overdress, get a friend to dress similar (obviously not the same) to you.

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