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How To: False Eyelashes

Happy Friday, y’all. I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while as even some of the best of us struggle with false eyelashes. So often, I see Youtube bloggers apply beautiful falsies only to find that when I do it in real life, I look whack. Anyone else been there? That being said, here is my guide to picking and applying false lashes.

Sephora Flutter Lashes

Sephora Flutter Lashes

Know Your Event: This might sound pretty basic, but let’s be real: you can get away with much more dramatic lashes at a nighttime soiree than walking around downtown on a casual Sunday afternoon. Also, if you’re going to a photo shoot instead of an event, you can get away with bolder lashes because they won’t show up as much on film.

Pick Your Lashes: When it comes to lashes, I’ve had just as much luck with $1 drugstore brands as $10 Sephora ones. Unless you’re going for a super dramatic look, your ideal lashes are probably shorter than you think. Also, if you’re going for something natural (or at least something that doesn’t scream “fake!”) accent lashes or half lashes are a great option. These go on the outer half of your top lash line and are more subtle than a full strip. Pictured above are flutter lashes from Sephora.

Pick Your Glue: “But can’t I just use the glue that comes in the box?” Ahh, rookie mistake. So, I admit that the Sephora brand glue has worked okay for me, but the glue that comes with those $1 lashes? No way. If you’re using a new glue, test drive it first. If you don’t have time to test drive it, stick to a brand that you know and love.

Remove Your Lashes From the Box: This is a critical step that people tend to gloss over. When you take your lashes out of the box for the first time, you don’t want to grab them by the ends. This will mess up that nice curved shape of the band that helps it fit to your eye lid. Instead, pull them out gently by the middle to help maintain that nice curved shape.

Trim Your Lashes: Yes, you heard me. Sometimes, you’ll find that the band on your false eyelashes is too long for your eye lid. You’ll need to trim it so it fits your eye correctly. Best bet is to trim the longest lashes off the band first. Make sure you trim evenly on both sides. I do this by counting lashes: trim off the longest two on one side, trim off the longest two on the other

Prep Your Eye Makeup: Some women have very blonde, unnoticeable eyelashes that they really don’t need to do anything to before they apply their falsies. Me, if I tried doing nothing to my lashes and applying the false ones on top, I’d look like I have two sets of eyelashes. I like to curl my lashes and apply mascara before putting on falsies. This helps the fake eyelashes blend in.

Apply the Glue: You don’t need a ton of glue, but make sure you have enough so that your lashes will stay firmly in place. And if you plan on dancing your butt off and possibly sweating, a little extra glue never hurt. After that, wait for the glue to go tacky before you try to apply the lashes.

Apply the Lashes: Try to get as close to the lash line as possible on this one. Also try to put them on so that your falsies are the same angle as your real lashes. This will help them blend together

Touch Up: So my final tip in this process is to see how the lashes look after you apply them. You may find that you want to apply a thin line of black eyeliner to help the lash band blend in.

So there are my tips. What do you think? Do you have any tips for applying false lashes? Let me know in the comments below!


34 thoughts on “How To: False Eyelashes

  1. I used to try to apply them from the front, but I had trouble getting them close to my natural lash line and also I really couldn’t see what I was doing. Turns out that I have a much easier time when I put them in place from above as opposed to trying to run the band straight towards my eye. It’s like I get the band centered over my eye by holding them so the lashes are almost pointing up towards my brow, then I lay them down along my natural lashes. (Does that make any sense? LOL) Next, I make sure that the edges of the band are REALLY stuck down. Doing it that way helps me see what I’m doing more easily and for me, gives me better results. (Maybe this method is elementary, but I thought I’d share just in case. 🙂

    • Makes total sense and I know what you mean, especially when I’m trying to do my right eye, I can’t see what I’m doing! I’ll have to try that

  2. Great post! I recommend using those big tweezer things that come with the Kiss brand at the drugstore to pinch the falsies to your natural lashes once the glue has dried. Finish it up with a coat of mascara to kind of blend everything together 🙂 you can also save the falsies (even the cheap ones) by cleaning them with some makeup remover and putting them back in the box. You can usually get a few wears out of them.

    • Thanks Annie! When I first wore them, I didn’t glue them very well and they were half falling off my face–eek! They don’t bother me as much anymore, thankfully. Luckily I don’t seem to be sensitive to the glue

  3. I’ve put fake eyelashes on a lot of clients, but I’m not a big fan of them for personal use, maybe because I prefer my make-up natural and not cabaret-y ! I’ve used the DUO glue, like most MUAs, and it always worked wonders, even for cabaret performers sweating a lot. Trimming is a good way of avoiding the eyelashes being awkward and too big for the eyes. For photoshoots, I like using individual eyelashes, it takes ages to put on, but it looks much more natural.

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