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Need Your Help! What Are Your Sephora Favorites?

TGIF! Today I’m lucky to be faced with an unusually nice problem: a couple of my friends have recognized my addiction to Sephora and got me some gift cards. There’s nothing that I need (not that anyone really “needs” makeup, but you know what I mean) so what should I get for the fun of it? Let me know in the comments below and have a fantastic weekend!

92 thoughts on “Need Your Help! What Are Your Sephora Favorites?

  1. That is an unusually nice problem! Check out: Gifted mascara from Tarte, the brightening violet powder from Besame, and anything Anastasia for the brows! 🙂

  2. What about the Sephora Smart Liner? Sadly we don’t have a Sephora here in the UK, and had my eye on the smart liner.

  3. Check out any of their Favorites Kits! Well, I don’t think they really have any out at the moment besides their Beauty Closet one ($99 I think?) but usually they’re decently priced, and you’ll be able to try out a few different things!

    • Haha, I’ll let you know. You know there is so much that I’ve been eyeing, but it’s not like I’m lacking really anything in my own stash

  4. NARS creamy concealer is a lovely treat, Anastasia brow wiz is a dream, the Marc Jacobs Lolita palette is gorgeous, Laura mercier radiance primer and setting powders, buxom lash, NARS blushes, stila stay all day liner.

  5. Sephora has cool stuff but I don’t shop much there, is kind of pricey and I can get same or better quality products with less money. I’m on savings! ;)) I did get one URBAN DECAY NAKED palette and 3 lip liners from there and that was my first time I bought something . Is a cool shop though. 🙂

    • How do you like the Naked palette and which did you get? I think about getting one every time I go in there, but have managed to talk myself out of it

      • I got the NAKED 1 as it matched my skin tone which is more with yellowish tones , I like the brush they have for this palette, the colors are nice but for the money is really not that impressive. I have cheaper products with better texture and longer lasting. I also got the eye shadow primer but it’s not a 24h last at all but I have oily eye lids. Maybe for other people works better. ;)) I just did my fancy as I wanted to have it. 🙂

  6. Don’t know what you should get, but I definitely need to get new friends 😉 Lucky You! I guess I’d buy a set of make-up brushes. One can never have too many of those (I keep losing mine) Happy Shopping!!

  7. Atelier Cologne Absolue! It’s expensive for full size, but they have a set of 2 minis for a really good price. One is vanilla and one is an orangey, citrus smell and they’re really nice alone or layered!

    • I’ve actually never heard of that, but it sounds like the minis smells awesome. I’m going to have to test it on myself in the store, haha

  8. What awesome friends ❤ I wish I could recommend but we don't have an Sephora stores over here *sob* However happy spending and let us all know what you treated yourself to 😉 Have a great weekend xo

  9. My faves are any of Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencils, Smashbox eyelash primer, or Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil and Duo Brow powder. I also love NARS blushes! Trying to get into more NARS products in general since I keep hearing people rave about them!

  10. You’ve got to get the Hourglass 1.5 mm Mechanical Gel Liner. Sounds like an art tool? It is! There’s nothing like it, it is waterproof, it does not move. Great for anyone who wears contacts, especially. It’s without phthalates, sulfates, etc. Plus, Hourglass is an absolute master piece of makeup artistry, innovation, and they give you just what you need. Loving the liner… enjoy Sephora, my addiction too 🙂

  11. This is a bit late but my favorite things from sephora would be the too faced chocolate soleil matte bronzer, the hour glass ambient lighting blush, the anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil, and the chocolate bar palette by too faced. So amazing, you lucky girl! Some good friends!

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