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Pretty Up Your Pony

Greetings earthlings. Ever get excited over posts about how to liven up your ponytail, only to find many of these posts (I’m looking at you Pinterest) include teasing and curling and blow drying? Let’s get real: I don’t even wash my hair on a daily basis, I’m not putting that much work into a ponytail. Lucky for me, I found a simple solution. (Keep reading to the end for discount code!)

Born Pretty Hair accessory

Instead of spending a lot of time perfecting my ponytail, I add interest to the look with a cute hair accessory. It takes about 2 seconds to put in and the one I chose above from Born Pretty makes me feel a little exotic. Of course, the accessory you choose all depends on the look you’re going for. I’m including some of my favorites from Born Pretty which range from preppy to girly to exotic to edgy, and are of pretty decent quality. The best part? Most are under $5. Score!

dsc-1 dsc-2 dsc dsc-3 dsc-4

Want 10% off your purchase from Born Pretty? Just use the discount code below.

Born Pretty

So do you like to wear ponytail accessories? Historically, I haven’t bothered much, but I think these are pretty cute. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

*Press sample

48 thoughts on “Pretty Up Your Pony

  1. Look so nice! I always get bored of having simple pony tails but this is such an easy way to make them look more interesting – The bow would be so easy to make too!

  2. Hey !!!! * Pretty Lady,,,, looking Good !!!!!! too bad I cant wear any of these when im in Guy-mode lol 🙂 because they look Nice / pretty I do wear a rubber band for my pony tail V, I just noticed that your hair is two tone,,, very nice… that first picture is the back of your head right ?

    • Yep, that’s me! And the color is unintentional. It used to light, then I dyed it dark and when the color started to fade this is what I got

  3. to me…I really like how it looks believe it or not….I ( sort of ) have the same color as u…but your hair so much better I have thin male balding pattern but what im saying is a choice of a wig color the two tone I think would look kind of nice on me…at least that’s what I am thinking ? lol

  4. see that….u never know how things work-out lol & by the way congratulations !!!!!! to you & your soon to be Husband,,,, that’s *Awesome news to hear 🙂 !!!!! I am S0000 Happy for U Young lady,,, oh,, not sure ? how I will do this,,, perhaps to slowly wean away from the theme of my blog & start to move towards other subjects besides C-dressing I have so many other things I would like to share & expand on in life just to name a few: politics & my faith as a Christian & my love of music & even cars & motorcycle’s not that I am this handy dandy guy lol but ???? I think?? I would like to expand some more on different topics I never thought until I first started with this blogging I would feel to do this lol but….I,ll giv it a try….

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