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2nd Love Cosmetics Review & Swatches

I’m having a great week. For those of you who missed it, I’m engaged! Other good news? Recently, I got the opportunity to partner with 2nd Love Cosmetics. Although I hadn’t previously heard of this brand, I knew I had to work with them as soon as I visited their website. Not only are their products super affordable, they are also cruelty-free! So what did I think? Keep reading for mini reviews.

2nd love makeup

Glitzy Glam Eye Shadow Palette in Modest Glam: Retailing for a reasonable $4.99, the Glitzy Glam eye shadows look completely beautiful untouched in their packages. In the past, I’ve had mixed luck with color payoff from cheap brands so I was a bit skeptical at first. Then I swatched them. Without using any base or primer or even one of my professional brushes, I got the lovely color payoff you see below.

2nd Love eyeshadow swatches

Colors swatched in order they appear in palette

2nd love eyeshadows

Signature Lipstick in Electric Pink: Next up, we have their signature lipstick. For only $5.49, this is comparable in price to Nyx lipsticks and even cheaper than some other drugstore brands. The texture was on the creamier side and the color payoff was beautiful. Definitely something I would order again.

Luxe Lace Lipstick in Royalty: This feels very much like the signature lipstick going on. Royalty is a somewhat rusty orange red color, which in my opinion, works for the daytime. (Or maybe I’m only saying it works for daytime because T. Swift’s red lips are having a moment). One recommendation when you’re trying this lipstick out is to BLOT! Blotting doesn’t take away from the beautiful color at all and trust me, if you don’t blot, this lipstick will go everywhere. Retails for an affordable $5.59.

Velvet Gloss in Coral Pink: I have to be honest here. When I first tried this, I thought this would be the crown jewel of the collection. It went on smoothly and had beautiful pigmentation. At only $4.99, I thought it would rival my beloved Nyx butter glosses. Then something bad happened. This is supposed to start as a gloss and finish as a stain. Somewhere in the process it became unbearably sticky, as if I had glue on my lips. I contacted 2nd Love Cosmetics about this problem and they quickly responded by thanking me for my feedback. You have to love a company that listens to its customers that much.

From l-r: Signature Lipstick in Electric Pink, Luxe Lace Lipstick in Royalty, Velvet Gloss in Coral Pink

From l-r: Signature Lipstick in Electric Pink, Luxe Lace Lipstick in Royalty, Velvet Gloss in Coral Pink

Rose Mascara: Finally, we have the Rose Mascara. I’m not the best to review mascara. Even though I wear it daily, so long as it makes my lashes look darker and doesn’t run into my eyes, I’m happy. This is a decent mascara and for $4.99 worth trying out.

Here’s a bonus shot of my be-aut-i-ful face wearing the neutral shades from the Glitzy Glam eyeshadows and Luxe Lace lipstick.

2nd Love

So what do you think? Will you try this brand out? I’m really loving their signature lipstick and Glitzy Glam eyeshadows, myself. Let me know what you think in the comments below

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44 thoughts on “2nd Love Cosmetics Review & Swatches

  1. Hey V,
    i have to say i really liked the swatch of Luxe Lace Lipstick in Royalty – a great color, that’s going to be fantastic for spring. It’s vibrant but doesn’t take too much attention from your face. Guess i’m going to be brave this spring & try some different colors (i tend to wear light pinkish lippies, since i like to concentrate my makeup on the eyes).
    Thanks for the idea.

    • Ooo, I hope you do! I wear a lot of light pink lippies, but I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone and so far I like the results 🙂

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