Spring Lookbook: Flirty, Professional, and Fun

Hello everyone! So with Daylight Saving Time in America, as well as finally seeing some nice weather, I decided to put together a little spring lookbook. Coming Monday, I’ll have a spring makeup look up too. But for now, enjoy these three outfits.

Picture 28

Look #1: Professional: For my first look, I wanted to do something that a lot of people would feel was appropriate to wear to the office. The knee length and short sleeves keep it work appropriate, but the big, bright pattern keeps it fresh for spring. I’ve had this dress for 8 years and I still get compliments on it. The larger size of the pattern is very flattering and makes you look slimmer. Ignore my serious model face, haha.

Spring Fashion Work

Look #2: Flirty: For my second look, I wanted to do a date look. Because I chose a strappy crop top, I wanted to balance it out with something more conservative, so I paired it with a high waisted pencil skirt. Some people might think that you can go overboard with the cats, but I say “NEVER!!” so I paired my kitty top with a neutral heel with cat face on it. Turquoise and pink aren’t known to go together, but I think by only using a pop of pink with the kitty print and a lot of neutrals to balance it out, this works. This look says, I’m fun, but I dress like a lady.

Spring Fashion Flirty

Look #3: Fun: For my final look, I wanted to do something more casual. This isn’t something you’d wear if you were going to sit around the house all day. I’d wear it to go shopping with the girls or meet someone for lunch, when I want to be laid back, but still look polished. My go to article of clothing is jeans and of course, I had to celebrate spring with the return of flip flops. This powder blue halter is a nice pastel piece for spring and pairing it with a cardigan will keep you warm.

Spring Fashion Casual

And that’s it for my spring lookbook. I hope you enjoyed. Let me know which outfit is your favorite in the comments below.

53 thoughts on “Spring Lookbook: Flirty, Professional, and Fun

  1. I’m so inlove with your flirty look! And you’re absolutely right that you can never go wrong with kitties (the shoes are the THING!), so who cares about a little pink and matching colours when you have kitty crop top and shoes going together!
    P.S. I remember this skirt, you styled it once with a polka-dots top and I just adored the look! This skirt is in one of my favourite colours as well, so please use it more in your lookbooks! It’s a drop-dead gorgeous piece.

    • Haha, thank you! I was actually a little hesitant to use the skirt since I’ve actually styled it TWICE before. But I really like it and I thought it was the best thing I owned to go with the kitty crop top

  2. I’m actually really drawn towards the print dress V, looks amazing on you & you’ve such a beautiful figure to pull it off perfectly 🙂 Honestly, you look fantastic in the all – gorgeous gal!! X

  3. I love ALL your looks, but the fun look is amazing!! You are so so sooo gorgeous!! You look gorgeous in every picture!! Have a fabulous weekend!! XOXO

  4. okay because (you) wrote on the bottom of your review to tell (you) what is (our) best outfit that (we)-like ? boy,,, I am S000 glad that u want to do it that way…:) As u may know by now….I just ***LOVE, LOVE, the look of how a lady looks wearing either a *Skirt / Dress !!!!! I am….98% all about the Glam / Girly-girl type of a look,,, so when seeing you wear outfit#2 that outfit….plus, your *Pretty Smile,,,, well for (me) what can I say but…. *W0W,,, 🙂 this outfit to me….hands-down,, would be my BEST….just love* it from the top of your head to…..your shoes,,,, hmm? thinking about something also about me lol,,, perhaps ? the type of clothing / style I want for Kelly to wear is like outfit#2 also…along with wearing leggings/capri style pants I just think it is S000 chic/Glam that is such a Classy look too Very cool post V, P.S. by the way…. you are also rocking** wearing outfit#1 & outfit#3 p.s.s. loving the kitty on outfit#2 crop top Kelly

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