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Spring Makeup Ready with Evian

Friday, I started part 1 of my spring series. In part 2 of my Spring series, I wanted to show you how I got this pretty pastel eye look with the help of the Naked 3 palette and Evian. Yes, you heard me, Evian. To find out how I used water to get this look, keep reading! Evian Makeup So when I first began swatching my Naked 3 palette, i noticed that even though Dust was a beautiful shimmer color, it tended to swatch a bit sheer. So I used my Evian spray on my makeup brush to apply it wet. I like the Evian spray as opposed to tap water, because it’s a “soft” water as opposed to a “hard” water, meaning it’s gentle on my skin. This gave the eyeshadowย a brighter appearance and let the color shine through. Naked3 Makeup In addition to Dust, I used Buzzed and Burnout (two darker purply-pink shimmer shades) on my crease, and ran a dark, shimmery brown (Factory) along my lash line and the corner of my eye. As usual, I finished with mascara. So what do you think? Will you try out a pink and purpleย look? PS- check out Evian’s Facebook page. *Press Sample

24 thoughts on “Spring Makeup Ready with Evian

  1. Would it work to just use filtered tap water in a spray bottle to dampen the brush? Is there anything in particular you think is worthwhile about buying Evian? Would love your feedback since it’s something I’ve wondered for a while!

    • Hey, Jill, so for me, the answer is definitely yes. A while ago I wrote about my struggles with hard water. The minerals in the hard water that were messing with my skin had to be filtered out at the tank level (not just with a cheap, normal filter). Living in an apartment, I have no access to the water tank. So to make a long story short, evian is a pretty good option for me. Sorry for this long rant. If you don’t have any issues with your water, then tap water is probably a-okay!

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