Prom 2015: How to be a Heartbreaker

Happy Hump Day! Thanks in no small part to a few prom posts from one of my favorite bloggers, Maria from Cat Eyes Red Lips, I have been shamelessly perusing prom sites. Yes, college is already a few years in my rearview mirror, but I liked to look at prom dresses 10 years before I went to prom, and I will look at prom dresses ten years after. I dug through to find some of my favorites. Below, I came up with a few looks that I hope you’ll enjoy.


Look #1: The Flirt
Rule #4: Gotta be looking pure. Kiss him goodbye at the door/And leave him wanting more. Am I the only Marina and the Diamonds fan here? The above lyric embodies what a flirty style is to me. It’s the kind of style that pushes boundaries, but doesn’t break them. It’s the neckline that’s just an inch high of provocative and the hemline that’s an inch lower than scandalous. More importantly, flirty style is fun and feminine. My picks for this include this strapless lavender gown with beautiful silver detailing and this short lace dress with sweetheart neckline.

PD1117-1 CD0831

Must Have Flirty Makeup: Sugary sweet lip gloss.

Look #2: The California Bombshell
This is for the girl whose confidence shines through the most when she wears something simple. She’s not about getting done up too much, but will look good in whatever she chooses to wear. Think off-duty Victoria’s Secret Model. For this look, I like this simple, spaghetti strap gown and this minimalistic one shoulder grape dress.

PD1475 PD1198

Must Have Bombshell Makeup: Perfectly bronzed skin (Achieve with bronzer, not with dangerous tanning beds!)

Look #3: The Sultry Seductress
Wait, hold up, you’re saying. Prom is for high school girls. Absolutely correct, but you don’t need to show a lot of skin to pull off a sexy look. This look is a little darker and a little more mysterious. Think dark colors and classic reds along with lace. My first pick may not be appropriate for every school’s dress code, but I thought the sheer lace paneling on the bodice was quite unique. My next pick is this red lace dress.

PD0294 PD0112

Must Have Seductress Makeup: Smoky eyes

So what do you think? What are your favorite dresses? Also, check out my real life prom dress here. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Prom 2015: How to be a Heartbreaker

  1. My favorite is the strapless lavender gown. I would love to go to prom again but it’s been over a decade since I graduated high school lol. 🙂

  2. Love this post. I was looking back on my highschool pictures last night from prom and boy do I wish I was dating a marine and could wear a fancy evening gown to the marine ball! I loved dressing up and looking like a princess for the night.

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