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Clarisonic Mia 2 Review

Hello, hello! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that way back when I posted a progress report on my experience with the Clarisonic Mia 2. Since that was over a month ago, I figured it was time for an updated review. I hope you all enjoy.


Background On My Skin: Since everyone who uses this will be coming from different starting points, I thought it would be helpful to describe how my skin is. I have suffered pretty severe acne since puberty and even as an adult, I have acne. It’s mostly under control and while it’s rare to see me with cysts, blackheads, or whiteheads, I do usually have a couple of small breakouts. My skin is also very sensitive and when I start using a new product it doesn’t like *blam* cyst! I started using the Clarisonic in hopes that this would be the last push my skin needed to be entirely clear. I also hoped that this would help with my acne scarring.

Acne: Let’s get to it. I started to use this to help get rid of the last of my acne and this let me down. In my last post, I documented going through a purging phase before experiencing a week of completely clear skin. Since that week, my skin has never been that clear again and in fact, has basically gone back to its normal level of breaking out. In addition, I think this agitated my skin as it was a little bit blotchier than usual and boy did my skin look much worse than usual when that time of the month rolled around.

Skin Smoothing: One thing I did not expect was for this to smooth my skin. Despite my issues with acne, I’ve gotten many compliments in my life about how soft and smooth my skin is. I didn’t expect this to do much, but it did. My cheeks, especially, feel extra smooth.

Exfoliation: I also did not expect this to exfoliate so well. You might hear people say that you shouldn’t exfoliate daily, but that really depends on how you exfoliate. The Clarisonic is much gentler than your typical face scrub, so it’s okay to use for daily exfoliation. Usually around winter, the skin around my mouth and eyebrows is so parched that it starts flaking. Ick! Luckily, with the Clarisonic, I experienced virtually no flaking this winter, and I think all of us in the Northeast know the weather was just as cold (or colder) than usual.

Helping Products Soak In: The Clarisonic is supposed to help products like serums and moisturizers soak in better, but I’m not sure how to test this claim, exactly. My acne creams didn’t really work better, but as I mentioned in the exfoliation section, my skin did stay flake free and moisturized this winter, so maybe it helped my moisturizer soak in.

Bottom Line: While I wasn’t satisfied with how this interacted with my acne, I was impressed with its soothing and exfoliating skills. I would recommend this product for anyone with dry, rough skin. I will still use this for its exfoliation, but I’m probably going to cut my use to once or twice a week to avoid the blotchiness and extra breakouts around that time of the month.

What’s Next: I’ve just received the Pulsaderm Buddy, which has a much gentler brush. I’m hoping it will be just as exfoliating and smoothing, without agitating my skin. Look for a review/progress report in a few weeks!

So what do you think? Have you used the Clarisonic or similar products? Let me know in the comments below.


28 thoughts on “Clarisonic Mia 2 Review

  1. I’ve tried 3 different brush types and from what I remember the one specialized for pores seemed to be the softest. I’m currently using the one for sensitive skin and it seems more harsh on my face.

  2. Hi V! I’ve never used the Clarisonic before so I don’t think my thoughts and opinions are conducive here. I’ve very traditional when it comes to skincare as I’ve had some bad experience with tools before and my sensitive skin couldn’t take the abrasive texture of the bristles. But I have to say I’ve heard great things about the exfoliating part like you mentioned here so that’s a major plus! Enjoy your day hun! 🙂 xo~ Lena

    • Hey Lena, nothing wrong with that! My mom is very traditional with skincare and her skin is much better than other women her age

  3. I’ve used my clairsonic religiously since I got it about a year ago. The worse part is I’ve only changed the brush head once! It has improved my skin a lot; it does a great job at exfoliating and an even better job at keeping my acne away. I’m sorry it didn’t work like this for you but I hope the pulsaderm does!

  4. I think the Clarisonic is awesome for deep cleansing and reducing clogged pores and for exfoliating. I love mine. However, if you have real acne, which is often hormonal and also unrelated to how well you “take care of” your skin, the Clarisonic is not a miracle cure. I use mine in conjunction with my dermatologist’s advice and prescription treatment.

    • Welp, I definitely have the real kind! I had heard so many good things about how it cleared up others’ skin, but definitely did not work for me. I will still use it as my skin could use exfoliation, but I probably won’t use it as much

  5. Ugh, I’ve been wondering if the Clarisonic was worth the money but I have oily, acne-prone skin and I certainly don’t want to spend a ton on anything that might make it worse! I finally got my skin to a decent point lol…

    • I’ve read a lot of other reviews that have said this cleared their skin right up, but it just didn’t cut it for me. I think if you are already using products to fight acne, the brush might be a little too abrasive to add to the mix

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